Levent Yüksel Med Cezir Fretless Electric Guitar Cover!

Here’s an attempt to play Levent Yüksel’s Med Cezir on a fretless electric guitar. I spent some time figuring out the chords on my Keith McMillen QuNexus which was very challenging since I don’t know how to play the keys! 

Levent Yüksel’s Med Cezir album was one of the most respected Turkish pop albums and many people still think it’s timeless! 

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The equipment I used;

Ibanez AR300RE (Made in Korea) Fretless Electric Guitar strung with Thomastik Infeld Jazz Swing JS111 Flat Wound [Converted by Matt Guitars (Hakan Seçkin – One of the best luthiers here in Turkey, please click here to have a look at his amazing stuff!)]

Keith McMillen QuNexus

Chicken Picks Shredder 3.5mm

RME Babyface PRO

Victor G451 Laptop

Reaper 5.76

Mokafix Audio Lamp Driver

You can have a look at the individual products used for making this video or just visit my Amazon page to see them in one place!


The Best Strings For Fretless Electric Guitar?

Hey there, here’s a quick comparison video for three different types and brands of guitar strings on a fretless electric guitar.

Before you watch the video and see for yourself, here are some words;

I have tried Elixir 12102 Nanoweb Coated, La Bella Jazz Tapes 800-R Black Nylon Wound and Thomastik Infeld Jazz Swing JS111 Flat Wound models on a single day and come up with this video! To be honest, Elixir was used much longer than the other two. I just recorded a sample then restrung my guitar twice more. La Bella Jazz Tapes was clearly my least favourite one as the nylon wound strings did not feel as much OK as the plain strings of the same set. It was much more difficult to achieve slides. Thomastik Infeld one was the best I guess! It was way more balanced and focused than the other two. But I would still go for Elixir if I didn’t have another choice!

By the way, it’s been ages since I played something so please bear with me sounding a bit unconfident 🙂

If you’re interested in buying the strings and other bits of gear just go to https://www.amazon.com/shop/cigilovic 

AMT P2 Test Drive

Here’s a very laid back test drive of AMT P2. You have two analogue amp simulations. When the switch is off, you have a Fender-like clean tones. When engaged you have whichever AMT series you have picked up. In this case, you have Peavey 5150 kind of tones.

AMT is a Russian guitar pedal company and they built great sounding pedals. Please have a look at AMT’s range of pedals and preamps on Amazon!

Covered vs Uncovered Pickups – A/B Test

I’ve been planning to install pickup covers on my Seymour Duncan JB / Jazz set as my Ibanez AR300RE comes with a covered pair of pickups. It is supposed to be a taste thing rather than a strict fact when it comes to covering or uncovering pickups. So I’m not going to judge anything here, instead one can easily claim that I’m quite biased in this post. I have recently started liking covered humbucker look. After I upgraded my pickups to Seymour Duncan JB / Jazz set, I tried to remove the covers from default pickups and install them on my new pickups, but they didn’t fit. In addition, it was almost impossible to find an exact cover for your pickups in my country. I sent a couple of e-mails to Seymour Duncan and SD dealers in Turkey, but so far no reply! If you’d like to purchase covers for your pickups, here is a trusted online shop Amazon.com!

Finally, I found someone selling a pair of pickup covers for Seymour Duncan branded pickups. I can’t say I don’t like zebra pickups but nowadays covered look of humbuckers appeal to me a lot more than a naked one.

I was actually going to prepare a post regarding with installing covers on humbucker pickups but after I went through Youtube videos, I thought they’d already done much better tutorial videos than I could achieve. Here are some great examples;

Here is the final result side by side below;