LePou Plugins Review – Lecto Hybrit Le456 Lextac Legion SoloC

I’ve been planning to review every single VST Amp out there along with different impulse responses for a while. At the moment, I just use my RME Babyface USB audio interface to play and record electric guitars. I’m trying to find every single VST amp simulations out there and test them in various situations. In this part, I’m going to… More →

Accelerated Boot Time with OCZ Vector 128GB SSD Upgrade

I had another video which I captured just after I installed my OCZ Vector Series 128GB SSD on my ASUS F3JC. My laptop used to be able to come alive after 2,5 or 3 minutes. Here is the accelerated boot time with my SSD. Highly recommended! Click here to buy an OCZ Vector Series SSD 128GB. Note that I was… More →

RME Babyface vs On-Board Audio – A/B Test (Raw!)

This is a very raw comparison video of RME Babyface vs On-Board Audio Interface on my ASUSF3JC. Recorded with iPhone 4S. If you’re serious about music production at home, I highly suggest you save up for this excellent interface and never look back! You can purchase one at Amazon.com here.

Configuration of Windows 7 for Audio Production

In this article, I’d like to talk about the configuration of your laptop/PC in order to use it for audio production. First of all, I must tell you that I’m not an expert on this topic. But I have some experience on recording in the digital domain. I started recording around 2002 with a shitty PC and a very low… More →