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 Osman Cenan Çiğil – +905534346970


Cangöz Müzik – Istanbul
Musical Instruments Imports & Vendor Management & Localization & Content Management

 November 2016 – Present
Responsible for internationally manufactured musical instruments & accessories imports & vendors & localization & content management.

Laney, ESP Guitars, Nux Guitar FX, D’addario Woodwinds, Vandoren, Kurzweil, Concepta KVB (Ritter), Conn
Selmer Inc. (Ludwig, Bach), Chinalight Tri-Union, K.H.S. Musical Instrument (Nomad, Hercules, Lanikai), Gruv
Gear, Hongkong Shida Musical Instrument (Orphee), Jinan Xuqiu Musical Instrument (Woodwind & Brass), Jody Jazz Inc., König & Meyer, Ringway Tech, Bonmusica, Wuxi Mippy International Trade, Altamira Guitars, Thomastik Infeld, Admira Guitars, Pirastro, Taixing Fengling Guitar & Violin Manufacture, Tianjin Starfs, Rigotti Ets., Tianjin Fleet (Percussion), Hannabach, Washburn, and many more!

Creating and maintaining good relationships with vendors.
Actively checking inventory and make purchasing decisions.
Coordinating with the best forwarder companies in order to import goods as fast as possible while negotiating for the best
freight prices.
Cooperating with the finance department to ensure all transfers made to vendors on time.
Supporting and providing web team for localisation, marketing campaigns and customer service.
Creating and leading artist relationships for endorsement activities.
Pricing every import in order to ensure both end users and my dealer network get the best competitive price for products.
Monitoring rival companies’ marketing activities and support web team to come up with marketing campaigns.
Localization of internationally manufactured brands in Turkish musical instruments market.
Delivering & executing integrated marketing plans and brands targets.
Attending international musical instruments trade shows, maintaining and developing trust-based relationships with
renowned brands. – Istanbul
E-Commerce & Product Specialist
 May 2014 – November 2016
Directing customers to the right products that would meet their needs. This means being in direct contact with Turkish dealers of internationally manufactured musical instruments to find the right solutions for them, and to maintain a 100% customer satisfaction record.
Responsible for the localization of terminological words for over 20,000 musical instruments and accessories in Turkish.
Setting up the YouTube channel Non-Biased Guitar Reviews which has over five million views and 8000 subscribers so far. I play various guitars, edit them, and reamp the raw signals to provide a fair product comparison for our clients.
Testing guitars that we sell daily to ensure they are in perfect condition before we ship them off to customers. I have tested over 3000 electric, acoustic bass and nylon string guitars as well as ukuleles from entry to professional level.
Leading the product photography sessions to ensure our clients get the right visual information to make the best choice in product.
Competent to full customer cycle starting from product order to delivery process including all ordering, invoicing and shipment
Monitoring and tracking products and making sure customers get the fastest service possible.
 Chicken Picks – Istanbul
June 2013 – September 2016
I was an official dealer of Chicken Picks and trying to position and localise the product in Turkish musical instruments market using my non-biased review techniques and social media.
Camden Lock & Stables, Greenwich, Hyde Park, River Thames Christmas Markets – London 
Sales Representative
September 2011 – 2013
Responsible for selling goods in various stalls in this world-famous market, which gave me the valuable opportunity to use my language and communication skills with people from all over the world.
Club Aquarium & Barback Factory – London
Barbacking & Bartending
February 2011 – 2012
Barbacking and bartending in a number of events and venues (The Alice House (Queen’s Park Branch), Bourne and Hollingsworth, MacMillan’s Wedding Party. This meant that I supported the needs of bartenders and worked as a bartender as well in a busy bar atmosphere while dealing with customers in a number of events and bars.
The SandwichMan London & Caretta Rickshaw – London

October 2009 – 2011
Sandwich Delivery
I was responsible for my own catering quota, where money management, trust and communication were an important part of my job.
Pedicab Driver
In both physically demanding jobs as a rickshaw rider in Central London, I dealt with adversity in a hectic environment, overcoming the language barrier while improving my communication skills to deal with difficult behaviour.
 Freelance Guitar Player – Izmir
 2003 – 2013
A life-long passion for music led me to work as a freelance guitar player in a number of venues. Hann Bar, Ali Bar, Ontur Hotel, Roi Bar, Deep Bar.
Private Guitar Tutor
Here I took on over 40 students varying levels and ages, and successfully taught guitar (electric & acoustic) with patience and an adaptable teaching style depending on the needs of my students. In addition, I also taught music & guitar in London in order keep my language improving for professional uses.


Kensington College of Business (University of Wales) 

2011 – 2012
MBA MarketingThe Impact of Online Collaborations on Competitive Edge, A Case Study Of Chapman Guitars.
 Rose of York Language School – London 2009 – 2010
Advanced English – C1 Certificate
 Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Engineering – Izmir 2003 – 2009
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering – The Impact of Heat Treatment on Co implants
 Izmir Anatolian High School – Izmir

1999 – 2003

Science & Math
Social Responsibility – []
April 2016 – November 2016
Participated in Muzik Kardesim Project in which we gather many types of instruments from our followers and distributors in order to support the music teachers that need help to lead younglings to make music
Non-Biased Guitar Reviews on Youtube – [] May 2014 – November 2016
Creator of non-biased guitar review videos on YouTube. In order to present the fairest sounds of the instruments as well as reamping with entry level amps. This project has gained our company over five million views and 8000 subscribers on Youtube.
The Impact of Online Collaborations on Competitive Edge – [Kensington College of Business] January 2011 – February 2012
In my dissertation, I chose Chapman Guitars company as my case study in order to analyze the impact of collaboration via the internet and the trust-based relationship with potential customers. Here you can access my dissertation [ENG].
 HAP Coating On Co28-Cr6-Mo Alloy – [DEU] September 2008 – 2009
Inspection of heat treatment applied to the substrate material and measuring the quality of HAP coatings obtained by electrochemical methods. Here you can access my final project [TR].
EnglishFluent / C1 Advanced Level
Turkish – Native
Have been playing & practising electric and acoustic guitar for more than 15 years in both live and recording environments.
Currently, have started practising the trumpet.
 Music Technology
Advanced level of knowledge with several audio interfaces and audio recording scenarios such as micing guitar amps, micing nylon string and acoustic guitars, ukuleles and reamping. These life-long passions have led me to keep a personal blog on music technology, guitar playing and advanced transcribing.
Managing my own Youtube channel as an amateur musician.
Computer Skills
Confident in using both Windows & Mac platforms. I have extensive experience in Steinberg’s Cubase, Reaper, Logic Pro X, Adobe Premier Pro 6, Final Cut Pro X as well as in Office Programs.
Domain and Hosting Management, competent to building a website on WordPress and Blogger, able to customize the design.
Basic XML & HTML knowledge which I encounter every day in my workplace in order to modify and test the basic functionality of a website.
 Frankfurt MusikMesse
2017 April – 2017
Attended Musikmesse 2017 in Frankfurt. Building up relationships with over 60 valued brands and gaining experience in musical instruments industry.
PI-SI Casting, Sand Casting, OEM Parts & CMS Light Alloy Wheels – Izmir
2006 – 2007
Challenging manual labour on ground level where I had to communicate with my colleagues and management in difficult and physically demanding conditions.
  Osman Cenan Çiğil – +905534346970