The Best Strings For Fretless Electric Guitar?

Hey there, here’s a quick comparison video for three different types and brands of guitar strings on a fretless electric guitar. Before you watch the video and see for yourself, here are some words; I have tried Elixir 12102 Nanoweb Coated, La Bella Jazz Tapes 800-R Black Nylon Wound and Thomastik Infeld Jazz Swing JS111 Flat Wound models on a… More →

RME Babyface vs On-Board Audio – A/B Test (Raw!)

This is a very raw comparison video of RME Babyface vs On-Board Audio Interface on my ASUSF3JC. Recorded with iPhone 4S. If you’re serious about music production at home, I highly suggest you save up for this excellent interface and never look back! You can purchase one at here.