Yavuz Çetin Erkan Oğur Dünya Backing Track Guitar Cover

Here’s an incomplete project. In the summer of 2017, I decided to transcribe one of the best songs ever made, “Dünya” by Yavuz Çetin and Erkan Oğur. This track released as a song for a soundtrack album of the movie called “Propaganda“.

Yavuz Çetin played the acoustic guitars and electric guitars whereas Erkan Oğur played one of the best fretless electric guitar solos in the universe 🙂

I practised most of the parts on both fretless and electric and decided to create the backing track. Unfortunately, my life has been changing and I am about to relocate so I sold all my pieces of equipment to save money. But I still had some footage so I decided to edit and upload it for people who might want to play over it.

I used my Vintage V6 StratocasterRME Babyface PRO featuring Kurzweil KS-40 reference monitors, Keith McMillen QuNexus MIDI controllerChicken Picks Shredder and Positive Grid Bias FX

Plus I had La Bella Vapor Shield set on my guitar at that time.

Since I lost all my content due to an “EPIC FAILING OCZ Vector 128GB SSD“, I’m not sure which amp simulation software I used. However, it is 90% Positive Grid Bias FX.

PS: If you like to download the backing track as an mp3 file, please go to Download section.

Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for your time!


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