JTC Solo Contest Entry 2015 Osman C. Çiğil Rock Guitar Solo

Here’s my entry for JTC Solo Contest held in 2015. I chose “Rock” backing track and played my solo using my Ibanez AR300RE loaded with Seymour Duncan’s JB/JAZZ set which goes straight into RME Babyface, using my Klotz Titanium cables and Chicken Picks Shredder. As for the software, I used LePou’s Hybrit amp and Mokafix E-Z Drive. Watch this video on YouTube Hope you enjoy! Thanks for your time! Osman

Shred This Too Guitar Competition Entry in London

Hey, this was one of the videos that I had recorded during my stay in London, UK. I had literally just my custom-made Erkan Sızarlar electric guitar loaded with Seymour Duncan Custom Custom on the bridge and Phat Cat on the neck position and also my Koch Pedaltone preamp. I was somehow able to manage to record this “Shred This Too!” competition entry just by having plugged my preamp into my …

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