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Gear Reviews

Here in this section, you can find various music gear, musical instruments and accessories reviews.

Sommer Cable Tricone MKII Review

    Sommer Cable Tricone MKII

    Sommer Cable Tricone MKII is an excellent choice for those who are looking for top-quality patch cables with outstanding HICON metal connectors. Check out my Sommer Cable Tricone MKII TR9M review here.

    TC Electronic Impulse IR Loader Review – Killer Simplicity!

      TC Electronic Impulse IR Loader

      TC Electronic Impulse IR Loader possibly features the best and most user-friendly design with killer tech specs at an extremely affordable price tag! Check out my TC Electronic Impulse IR Loader review, have a listen to the demo video and download the manual.

      Göldo Humbucker Screw Review

        Goldo Humbucker Screws

        Find out in this Göldo humbucker screw review whether they are a good fit for replacing screws for direct mount humbuckers.

        Pyramid Electric Strings 11-48 Review

          Pyramid Electric Strings 011-048

          Pyramid electric strings 011-048 is an excellent value/money guitar strings for drop tunings. Check out my Pyramid strings review and watch my test video here.

          EMG 57/66 Review (7 String) & Sound Demo

            EMG 57/66 7 String Active Pickups

            EMG 57/66 is one of the best-sounding pickups, perfectly balanced for traditional sounds with the active pickups vibe. Check out my EMG 57/66 review and demo here.

            Nux Rivulet Chorus Review

              Nux Rivulet Chorus

              Nux Rivulet Chorus is a very affordable, excellent-sounding chorus that features three different legendary chorus sounds. Check out my Nux Rivulet Chorus review.

              Thomann Rack Case 2U Review

                Thomann Rack Case 2U

                Thomann Rack Case 2U is probably the most affordable and lightweight rack cases around. See my Thomann rack case 2U review here!

                Big Bends Nut Sauce Review

                  Big Bends Nut Sauce

                  Big Bends Nut Sauce is a lubricant for your guitar nuts, bridges and any pivot points. See my Big Bends Nut Sauce review and find out if it’s worth buying!

                  Marleaux Bass Comfort Strap Review

                    Marleaux Comfort Strap Long!

                    Marleaux bass comfort straps are an excellent choice for guitarists who have heavy guitars. Check out my Marleaux Bass Comfort Strap review here.

                    String Trees Demystified

                      String Trees Demystified

                      What is a string tree? Do we really need them? See my comparison video and article on string trees demystified!

                      Sandberg Fingerboard Oil Review

                        Sandberg Natural Fingerboard Oil

                        Sandberg Fingerboard Oil is a 100% natural, essential oil for your precious guitars/basses. Suitable for ebony, rosewood and pau ferro fretboards. Excellent choice for picky guitar players!

                        26 Best Studio Headphones Buying Guide

                          26 Best Selling Headphones Comparison Chart & Buying Guide

                          Studio headphones are a crucial component in your recording setup. Check out the best-selling, professional studio headphones buying guide before you get yours!

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