ENGL Z12 MIDI Footswitch Review

ENGL Z12 MIDI Footswitch

ENGL Z12 MIDI footswitch is built like a tank and can control any MIDI compatible device. See my ENGL Z12 review and find out how to program.

Gravity VARI G 5 Guitar Stand Review

Gravity VARI G 5

Gravity VARI G 5 is an excellent multi-stand for your guitars and basses. Its detachable and movable neck holders is very unique and will you the utmost freedom to protect your instruments.

Big Bends Nut Sauce Review

Big Bends Nut Sauce

Big Bends Nut Sauce is a lubricant for your guitar nuts, bridges and any pivot points. See my Big Bends Nut Sauce review and find out if it’s worth buying!

Sandberg Fingerboard Oil Review

Sandberg Natural Fingerboard Oil

Sandberg Fingerboard Oil is a 100% natural, essential oil for your precious guitars/basses. Suitable for ebony, rosewood and pau ferro fretboards. Excellent choice for picky guitar players!

26 Best Studio Headphones Buying Guide

26 Best Selling Headphones Comparison Chart & Buying Guide

26 best selling & highly popular professional studio headphones comparison and buying guide. Highly recommended if you are about to buy a pair of studio headphones!

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