Boss RC-2 Loop Station Quick Review & Demo

In this short review, I’d like to introduce you a couple of my oldest videos that I had done for Boss RC-2 Loop Station guitar looper pedal. I used to own one around 2006 and used it for a few years along with my Tech 21 Trademark TM60 1X12 guitar amp.

During those days, I had two guitars, one was custom made by Erkan Sızarlar loaded with Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz set and the other one was an Ibanez Paul Gilbert PGM301 signature model guitar.

Let’s hear the first one; this is a personal history, forgive my playing.

As most of you already know, Boss is very successful in making loop pedals in many sizes.0

Unfortunately, Boss RC-2 model has been discontinued since for years, but there are many newer models that they have made recently. You can have a look at all Boss Loop Station models at Thomann!

There’s also a version with my Ibanez PGM301 Paul Gilbert signature model and recorded with a better camera in 2008.

Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to find this guitar anymore. You should be looking at second-hand websites 🙂

I would love to provide you links for Tech 21 Trademark 60 amp as it’s one of my favourite amps ever, however, if you search for it on the internet you’ll find out they discontinued the model some time ago. :/

If you ever have a chance to try one out, please do and you’ll be surprised. It’s all solid-state and can produce really creamy gains which are all interactive with your volume pot just like a regular tube amp 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my quick reviews and thanks for your time!


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