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Chicken Picks Review The Most Durable Picks Ever!

    Hello there, and welcome back with another excellent article for you. This time, we will be looking at one of my favourite guitar picks ever, Chicken Picks guitar picks!

    Is it really worth buying expensive guitar picks?

    For many guitar players, their instruments, amps, pickups, cables, pedals and effects units have the utmost importance while guitar picks that come into physical contact with their instruments are perceived as trivial accessories.

    Generally speaking, guitar picks are considered to be cheap and disposable items and guitar players often buy new ones in order to be able to play with the brand-new feeling of their picks. This has led to the fact that they are indeed cheap and guitar players do not really think about how many times they buy their favourite picks in a year.

    As they are considered disposable accessories, I believe they are often looked down and their importance in guitar tone is underestimated. If you just think about this for a second, you will also understand that your guitar picks are one of the touchpoints at which you interact with your instrument. And indeed, they have an effect on your guitar tone. They almost act like an EQ and may change your guitar tone profoundly.

    That’s why I have published this article and spent a lot of time talking about guitar picks!

    Chicken Picks are one of the longest-lasting and best-sounding guitar picks on the market. It stays in a usable form for 6 months to 1 year with standard usage. On top of that, thermoset material used for making Chicken Picks does way less harm to our planet than regular plastic materials.

    They are proudly made in the Netherlands (also in Germany I believe), free from child labour. Guitar players who have tried Chicken Picks have never wanted to go back to their standard guitar picks. Ask the one using these picks and you’ll find out!

    So what makes Chicken Picks that different?

    Chicken Picks are made of a special thermoset material (a type of plastic material processed under high temperature and pressure, once hardened there is no going back to their initial form) and each one of them is finished by hand for the best result.

    When you consider its lifespan, it is probably one of the cheapest guitar picks on the market 🙂 And lastly, since it’s quite hard and dense yet resonant, it will give you unique harmonic and tonal characteristics that no other guitar picks can.

    Before reading on, see my Ultimate Comparison video for Chicken Picks and see how much I love them! 😉

    Chicken Picks Review & Sound Demo (no talking)

    Wider dynamic range, more control, less fatigue!

    While Its thicker and denser structure in contrast to standard picks provides a wider dynamic range and more control, it is also less tiring for picking hands and results in longer performances without sacrificing your joy.

    Music Plugin Deals at Chicken Picks Review The Most Durable Picks Ever! Seymour Duncan Join The Best Musicians!Chicken Picks Review The Most Durable Picks Ever!

    Its dynamic range is wider than most guitar picks. Why? Because it’s completely rigid and provides way more range in any style of music.

    As a bonus feature, its unique logo and thickness measurement are placed by laser technology thus giving you a non-slip surface on both sides.

    Bevelled Edges

    Chicken Picks comes with bevelled edges on both sides* which enables players to use their picks on both sides and is suitable for every style of guitar playing. Since the Tri-Tone (Bermuda and Badazz models) series has three sharpened tips, you will always have sharp, pointy tips in any playing scenario.

    After having played with the picks for 10 to 15 minutes, tips will self-polish and have a slightly glossy look that suits your unique picking strike patterns.

    If you want to have a look at the price and other details of all Chicken Picks models, please visit Chicken Picks products below;

    Chicken Picks Original Series Regular 2.6mm & 2.2mm
      Chicken Picks Regular and Light

    Regular and Light models come in one of the most loved guitars picks form, also known as "351" in the market. These models have rounded tips and come with bevelled edges on both sides. For regular users of standard guitar picks can easily start off using Chicken Picks with Regular and Light models.
    Chicken Picks Original Series
    Shredder 3.5mm
    Chicken Picks Shredder
    Shredder model is the thickest and comes in 3.5mm thickness. It's 13% smaller than Regular and Light models and has a rounded tip with two bevelled edges. Since it is the thickest and most dense model, it gives players a fuller tonality in any style of music.
    Chicken Picks Tri-Tone SeriesBadazz 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.2mm ***NEW***
    Chicken Picks Badazz III
    Chicken Picks Badazz III series come in one of the most popular guitars picks form, also known as "Jazz" and have 2.0 and 2.5 mm thickness options. Badazz III series have a single quite pointy tip and two more a bit less pointy tips, therefore, provides three usable tips in one pick as "Tri-Tone" suggests. :)This model is very suitable for guitar players who love their "Jazz" type of picks.Recently, Chicken Picks has released a new Badazz III model which has 3.2mm thickness. I have tried and already stocked them up! This has been one of my favourite Chicken Picks ever!
    Chicken Picks Tri-Tone Series Bermuda 2.1mm, 2.7mm
    Chicken Picks Bermuda III

    Chicken Picks Bermuda III series is manufactured in a form that Gypsy style guitarists often use and comes with 2.1 and 2.7 mm thickness options. Bermuda III again comes with three usable tips. One a bit less pointy and two have more pointy tips. Gypsy Jazz style guitar players will quite like this model.

    The first time I met Chicken Picks was in the summer of 2013! I actually started cooperating with them back in the day and became a loyal user! Since then I have never been able to play with another pick! This is serious people 🙂 Chicken Picks are highly addictive and once you get used to their full tone and excellent response, the other guitar picks will sound really weak to you, I guarantee!

    Many people worry about the thickness, especially Jazz III players usually are turned off as their subconscious mind is telling them “Jazz III is fairly thin, it’s for shred guitar, so if you switch to the same pick at around 3mm, you won’t be able to play those lines anymore!“.

    But this is actually not true, just give it a chance. If you can, buy every model at once and some extra models that you think you may prefer more. Give yourself some time, and after a couple of weeks switch back to your regular picks. It’s day and night!

    Recently Chicken Picks has released a Badaz III 3.2mm pick. I got myself one already and have been playing with it for a year now. It has become my favourite these days!

    If you ask me, it’s Shredder 3.5mm or Badazz III 3.2mm, I can play with these forever!

    Yesterday, I received my package from Thomann again featuring 6 pieces of Shredder / Badazz III 3.2mm, this means I have stocked my picks for 2 years already!!!

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    Below you will find some great players who have been Chicken Picks users for a long time 🙂

    Jack Thammarat, Laura Cox, Daniel Donato, Hedras Ramos, Steve Marks, Fayeed Tan, Joe Cantamessa, Joe Settlemires, Doug Seven, Popy Basily, Frank Pane, Cris Mantello, Corrado Sgandurra Ziua Chitarelor, Glenn Fricker, Tino Hevia, Quint Starkie, Harry Hmura, Cristi Gram, Andre Madatian, Ricky Portera, Olaf Thorsen, Mike Gianelli, Patrick Sheridan, Jesper de Jonge, Bart Dietvorst, Oliver Engqvist, Johnny Bernhard, Sayit Dölen, Marc Malsegna, Hershel Yatovitz, Jasmin Pabst, Alberto Barrero Juez, Joseph Yun, Wank Adams, Adrea Lanzillo, Dave Baker, Hideaki Yamakado, Barney Willemse, Austin Crum, Backroads Bluegrass, Mike Thomas, Pritesh Walia, Bert Meulendijk, Elisa Pisetta, Christian Vegh, Merel Bechtold, Frank Cosentino, Jarod Woznik, Big John Mills, Daniel Donato, Skjalg Raaen, John Jorgenson, Jonny Buckland, Christian Vegh, Tiago Skiter.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and supporting me so far! I will hopefully see you in the next review here!

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