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Cordial CSI 6 PP Silent 6m Instrument Cable Review

    Hello there, back again with another great article for you! This time we will be looking at one of the best sounding and highest quality instrument cables in the market, the Cordial CSI 6 PP Silent instrument cable!

    Cordial Cables

    For those who have never heard of Cordial Cables, here’s a quick introduction. Cordial Cables is a German (Dachau, Munich) cable manufacturer which was founded in the early ’90s. They offer a very broad range of cables from instrument cables, microphone cables, and loudspeaker cables to multicore systems, MIDI and digital audio cables.

    Their cables are all made in Germany with the highest quality components and they ensure the highest quality level is consistent with every single product that leaves the factory!

    Last year, I was looking for an XLR cable to connect my ENGL Cabloader to the RME Babyface PRO interface and noticed the Cordial brand on Thomann. After having researched the company and read through user reviews, I decided to get myself a Cordial CSM 2,5 FM GOLD 250 cable and never looked back!

    Having bought another pair of Cordial CPM 1,0 FM-Flex for my KRK Rokit 5 G4, I must say Cordial Cables have become my favourite cable brand for any application. Their products are solid, made of very high-quality components and reasonably priced for what they offer!

    I was looking for a high-quality guitar cable and already considering Klotz Cables which I had used for a long time (Klotz Titanium cables), but I wasn’t able to justify their price tag.

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    So I went back to Thomann and picked up a Cordial CSI 6 PP Silent instrument cable! The reason I bought a 6m long cable is that I needed to record videos next to my window due to a lack of light reaching to where my whole guitar setup stands. With my Ernie Ball instrument cable, I wasn’t able to set up my video recording position near any daylight and this little problem was very annoying. 🙂

    Cordial CSI PP 6 Silent

    Cordial CSI PP 6 Silent instrument cable, top-notch!

    Cordial offers dozens of different segmented instrument cables so I don’t want to feature each of them in this brief article. This actually makes things a bit difficult to understand in terms of how their products are segmented. But thanks to their excellent website, you can find all the answers regarding each Cordial cable model name and check relevant technical data.

    Cordial CSI Cables Tech Specs

    Conductor area0.75 mm²
    AWGAWG 19
    Composition of conductor42 x 0.15 mm
    Materialbare copper
    Conductor resistance25.5 Ohm/km
    Shieldingbraided copper screen + conductive plastic
    Capacity cond.-cond. (pF/m)88 pF/m
    Diameter7.2 mm
    Weight60 g/m
    Conductor isolationTPE

    Basically, Cordial CSI models are made of Cordial CGK 175 cables as shown in the tech specs above. All of their CSI cables feature these components except they may feature a silent plug (straight or angled) depending on the model.

    Cordial CSI PP 6 Silent feat. Neutrik connector

    Neutrik gold-plated connectors

    I preferred the Cordial CSI 6 PP Silent version. I believe PP indicates it features straight plugs rather than right-angled plugs. If you prefer a right-angled plug, you should look for the Cordial CSI 6 RP Silent model.
    model cables.

    Cordial CSI PP 6 Silent feat. Neutrik Silent connector

    Neutrik gold-plated silent connector

    Cordial CSI 6 PP Silent has received 306 user reviews with an average rating of 4.8/5! This is an extremely high rating out of a significant number of customer reviews, which clearly shows that people validate the high value of this item!

    It’s pretty flexible and sounds very transparent and clear. Gold-plated Neutrik connectors are considered to be industry-standard for audio cables, so you have this covered! I used to buy high-quality cables and tried to solder Neutrik connectors and make my own cable. Thanks to companies such as Cordial already provide these products ready to be supplied anywhere in the world!

    Music Plugin Deals at Cordial CSI 6 PP Silent 6m Instrument Cable Review Seymour Duncan Join The Best Musicians!Cordial CSI 6 PP Silent 6m Instrument Cable Review

    Neutrik gold-plated silent plug is also a killer feature! So if you are considering buying yourself a high-quality instrument cable, I suggest you go for ones with silent plugs. When you’re done with your playing and unplug the jack from your guitar, all the noise gets shut down even though you don’t switch off your amplifier. This ensures there will not be any loud pops that may damage your audio system or guitar speakers.

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    In my opinion, the current price tag (€38) is pretty OK for this level of quality, components as well as the fact that the cable is 6m long. I would recommend anyone Cordial CSI PP 6 Silent instrument cables without a doubt!

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    Note that, even at this price tag, Cordial CSI cables have made it in the “Sales Rank: In­stru­ment Cables“, and with more than one product! In the top 50 best-seller instrument cables, Cordial has 18 products already!

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    I hope you have enjoyed this article and added Cordial cables to your wish list already! Thanks for visiting my blog and supporting me so far! I will hopefully see you in the next review here!

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