80s Something Backing Track Guitar Solo

Hey, I recorded this back in 2008 with my lovely Koch Pedaltone all-tube preamp and an E-Bow Plus.

The sounds you hear come from my computer speakers by going through Koch preamp then M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 PCI card and finally to Guitar Rig (for effects) and recorded in the digital domain but I also captured the sound with my camcorder and kinda mixed them together.

I used my custom-made Erkan Sızarlar electric guitar loaded with Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz set.

Please pay attention to how my volume pot reacts to the gain even within a shitty guitar setup. I mean there was no guitar speakers nor a good, solid guitar power amp.

Just Koch preamp with all channels engaged. I miss my Koch preamp a lot! In addition, I remember having set up my E-Bow Plus on harmonics mode that’s why you are hearing a harmonic when I used it for the intro.

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to find Koch Pedaltone preamp online. According to Koch Amps‘ website, they now have a 2nd generation Pedaltone!

Please visit Koch Amps’ website for more information. They also have more pedal preamps which have actual valves in it!

Thanks for your time!


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