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Sommer Cable Tricone MKII Review

Hello there and welcome back to yet another cool review for you! This time, we will be looking at one of the highest quality cables on the market by Sommer Cable. In this Sommer Cable Tricone MKII review, I will provide you with some necessary information on Sommer Cable company and also review their Tricone MKII cables.

Sommer Cable

For those who have never heard of Sommer Cable company, let’s have a quick introduction. Sommer Cable was founded in 1999 in Germany by musicians and entrepreneurs Friedhelm Sommer and Rainer Blanck.

Together with the cable engineer Pascal Miguet, they built the Sommer Cable company and brand that manufactures a vast array of product catalogues featuring over 12000 products for musical instruments, pro audio, broadcast and the Hi-Fi industry.

In 2015, they also launched a subsidiary of Sommer Cable Germany in California with a new CEO Martin Ucik. This new subsidiary company supplies Sommer Cable products to the American market.

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Sommer Cable focuses on manufacturing first-class quality cables and connectors to service various industries. The company guarantees to manufacture durable, innovative products that are manufactured within environmentally friendly frameworks.

Sommer Cable follows ISO 9001 and RoHS standards in its manufacturing complex and features green electricity, waste reduction and sustainable printing and packaging.

Sommer Cable Tricone MKII Tech Specs

Sommer Cable Tricone MKII is actually a series of instrument/patch cables by the company that feature Tricone MKII cables. So actually, you have various options under this model name. Some of the options from this series may also feature different connectors or even you can only go for the cable itself and purchase by meter if you want to custom-make your own cables.

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There are also variations of Tricone MKII with HICON standard or angled 1/4″ male jacks or male RCA for patching purposes.

Sommer Tricone MKII cables are an excellent choice for patching effects, rack units, synths other audio devices that have unbalanced inputs and outputs. As with all Sommer Cable products, Tricone MKII is a high-quality cable with outstanding HICON connectors.

Sommer Cable Tricone MKII HICON connector
Sommer Cable Tricone MKII HICON connector

This series of cables feature insulation that is gas-injected and ensures a very long life span even under heavy-duty use.

HICON metal connectors are one of the unique features of Sommer Cable products that come with an internal kink protection sleeve and solid, gold-plated pins. Before I provide you with my review, let’s have a look at the tech specs briefly.

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Sommer Cable Tricone MKII Tech Specs

Product CodeTR9M
ModelTricone® MKII
ApplicationInstrument/Patch Cable
Inner Conductor1
Inner Conductor [mm²]0,22
Solid Brass Contact
Type (detailed)2x Male 6.3mm mono - 90° angled

As you can see, Sommer Cable Tricone MKII seems like a generic unbalanced cable, however, it really stands out with its unique features such as HICON heavy-duty metal connectors with gold-plated tins and excellent quality Tricone MKII cables.

Tricone MKII comes in nice cardboard packaging. You immediately feel the quality as these connectors are pretty heavy and solid.

Sommer Cable Tricone MKII packaging
Sommer Cable Tricone MKII packaging

Sommer Cable Tricone MKII TR9M Review

The reason I bought Sommer Cable Tricone MKII is that I need to patch my ENGL E570 tube preamp‘s output to my TC Electronic Impulse IR Loader pedal. I normally use EBS patch cables for almost anything, but the series I really like only features patch cables up to 58cm.

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At the end of the day, these cables function exactly like a standard guitar cable. However, when you also need to consider the length, options narrow down quickly.

I was looking for a cable that is long enough to patch without any strain and also short enough so that the signal would not have to travel far for in-home use and also have a much tidier workspace.

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90cm is the perfect length in my use case. If you aim to get longer cables, that means you are already looking at standard guitar cables (which would work fine patching two audio devices).

I am also very picky about the connector angles as I have to work in a very tight workspace, so Sommer Cable Tricone MKII TR9M was possibly the best option that just stood out. I’m a big fan of 90-degree connectors as they almost don’t eat up any real estate on your audio interface or pedalboards.

The price tag may seem to be expensive for a pretty short cable. However, if you have a look at the other options, you will immediately find out this is not the case. I think Sommer Cable Tricone MKII is very well-priced for what it has to offer and has just found its place among boutique-level, extremely pricey patch cables and generic and affordable cables.

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Overall, I am very happy with this purchase and also wanted to share my opinions with you here. I recommend Sommer Cable Tricone MKII TR9M to anyone who is looking for a high-quality, durable patch cable that still comes with a pretty affordable price tag.

I hope you find this Sommer Cable Tricone MKII TR9M review helpful. Thanks for visiting my blog and supporting me so far! I will hopefully see you in the next review here!

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