Vintage V6 Strat, La Bella Blues Bender, Shnoor IC124 Farewell Video!

Here’s my farewell video of my lovely Vintage V6 Reissued Stratocaster electric guitar! Just sold it and wanted to do a video before I deliver it to the new owner. A week before I sold this, I was in Frankfurt for Musikmesse 2018 and met many great people in the musical instruments industry.

I got my free stuff there too! In this video, I have restrung my Vintage V6 Strat with La Bella Blues Bender B838 strings and used Shnoor IC124 JMEJME 3M guitar cable, RME Babyface PRO, Peavey Revalver 4, Mokafix Audio Cream Tube. I obtained these strings and cable during Frankfurt Musikmesse 2018 and wanted to give it a try!

This piece of music is an improvisational melody, nothing serious. However, it clearly shows my post Musikmesse syndrome 🙂

Please check this great stuff via the links below!

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