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Haluk Levent Kağızman Guitar Cover

    Haluk Levent Kağızman (Serdar Öztop) guitar cover played by Osman Cenan Çiğil
    Recorded in 2021, Bratislava, SK.

    Gear used

    Guitar: Fender American Standard Stratocaster
    Pickups: Fender Custom Shop 50s
    Guitar: Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid PT-7 Ultra Violet
    Pickups: EMG 57-7H, EMG 66-7H
    Audio Interface: RME Babyface PRO
    Preamp: ENGL E570 Tube Preamp
    IR Loader: ENGL Cabloader
    Studio Monitor: KRK Rokit 5 G4
    Monitor Stands: IsoAcoustics ISO-55
    Strings: Pyramid 7-string, Pyramid 9-42
    Picks: Chicken Picks Shredder
    Camera: Canon EOS M200
    Patch Cable: EBS PG-58
    Instrument Cable: Ernie Ball Instrument Cable
    XLR Cable: Cordial CSM 2,5
    Track separation: Moises AI

    Kağızman Guitar Cover

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    Osman Cenan Çiğil –

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