Jackson JS11 Dinky Review Best Entry Level Electric Guitar

Again, with another detailed guitar review and test article! This time we’ll be looking at a killer guitar by Jackson company, called JS11 Dinky models.

First of all, believe me, even though it’s quite a new model comparing the best selling electric guitars in my country, it has been just going crazy with the sales and just arrived in the top 5 list of the best seller electric guitar for 13 years of data!

As you will see and understand from the videos I’ll be providing here in this article, I spent tonnes of times with this model.

Both with the initial model and the second generation!

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First, let’s hear the first encounter with the guitar back in the old days!

This one was a Jackson JS11 Dinky, Gloss White and a first-generation = Basswood body!

Recorded with a Rode VideoMic Pro and a Marshall AVT50 amp + an old Boss SD2 (Is this the best dirt pedal by Boss?)

After huge demand for longer, detailed videos, we had decided to go further and just play the thing as much as possible without talking.

Again, it’s a Jackson JS11 Dinky, Gloss White, first-generation = Basswood body, but this time recorded with Marshall JVM205C valve amp + Shure SM57 microphone.

After we had started making this kind of (boring for some) videos, people reacted really well because they were fed up with people just talking and listing the tech specs that anyone could find on the internet. Also, they were fed up with the reviews in which the best players playing an entry-level guitar, with great guitar tones. So I think they did not find it honest.

If you want to start playing the guitar and also like heavier music styles, you can not go wrong with this one! If I had to buy an entry-level guitar for myself or someone else, I would just pick one of these up and play!

I don’t even remember a faulty product out of hundreds of JS11s we had sold. They were all top-notch and did not come with a single problem at all! Kudos to Jackson Guitars!

From those days, we had started selling these like hotcakes. Every day, 2-3 or 4, even we had a couple of them in our hands all times so I came up with an idea that we could take a photo of 5 JS11s and post it as Jackson 5 🙂

Here’s Michael Jackson’s Black or White within a concept of JS11. Nice huh? 🙂

Jackson JS11 Black or White?
Jackson 5!


In 2015 (I guess), Jackson stated that they would be using poplar wood in the body section and also there would be two more colours as metallic red and metallic blue.

So in order to be honest, we just recorded another video of the same Jackson JS11 Dinky, Metallic Red, second-generation = poplar body! Here you are;

Tech Specs of Jackson JS11

ConstructionDouble Cutaway, Bolt-on
BodyPoplar or Basswood*
Nut Width42.8mm
NeckMaple Neck
Frets22 Jumbo Frets
Pickups2 Jackson High Output Humbucker
Bridge2 Point Fulcrum Trem
TunersDiecast tuners
FinishesClick here to search for available finishes

*As you will notice on various websites, it might be stated as basswood or poplar. But as far as I knew, they started using poplar around mid-2015 and declare this. Depending on the current stock of any retailer, you will have a poplar or basswood body one. So I would check the serial that’s printed on the carton box and find out how old the guitar is.

Also, Jackson has fantastic packaging and they spend loads of material to even pack these entry-level guitars! If you buy one online, you’ll be having hard times opening the cartons!

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Hope this has been a helpful review. If you have any questions, please don’t be a stranger and post them below! I am always up for assisting you with your musical instruments and accessories needs!


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