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SX EG2K Review One of The Worst Guitars Ever!

Hello there, back again with another brutally honest review for you! This time we will be looking at an SX EG2K electric guitar. If you are a regular reader here, you will probably know that I’m a big fan of SX Guitars.

I have tested and played dozens of them so far. I even used to have an SX SST62 which offered a crazy high value for its price. However, in this article, you won’t find a single positive word about this particular model!

I don’t know the reason why but they completely failed to deliver the basics! Unlike their Stratocaster or Telecaster clones, SK EG2K can be hardly played.

I remember the exact sensation of anxiety when I had to do a quick demo and then a full review video (those were separate guitars by the way).

Thomann's 70th Anniversary Offers

Thomann's 70th Anniversary Offers

SX EG2K, in my opinion, is the worst electric guitar I have ever played, followed by Stagg S250 and S300 models.

The interesting thing about working in the musical instruments retail business is that it enables you to play with so many instruments and try out accessories. This means you are gaining real-life experience with the products that most people can only look at via their computer screens.

However, if your company functions as a hub for almost every single brand available in your country, you should most of the time leave the buying decision to the customer for the sake of being unbiased.

You provide your customers with a smooth operation and fact-based information for their purchase by giving them the right information (not subjective) and facilities to compare instruments/products by user reviews, number of sales, popularity…etc

But one thing you can not do is that you can not direct someone to a particular product. Just imagine this scenario; let’s say I hate this guitar but the customer wants to buy it.

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Check out the best guitar pickup company, Seymour Duncan here!

Do you think I can tell them “No, don’t do it, pick this one instead!“? This sounds like you are still selling this product, but you don’t recommend it at all. Then they may ask “Why are you selling this instrument? Is it honest?

That’s why we had decided to record videos of as many instruments as possible under the same conditions, so they just can listen to the tones and decide along with this piece of experience you share with them.

Since SX EG2K (I believe K stands for Kit or something) comes with basic accessories, it was tempting for some of the customers.

My first encounter with this guitar was back in 2014 and we just recorded a quick video. These videos from the test room were recorded with a Marshall AVT50 amp + an old Boss SD2, all sounds were captured with Rode VideoMic Pro.

As you can clearly hear, this guitar is almost dead! Note that we were always using the same settings so even in these quick videos, you can hear how bad it sounds.

SX EG2K Test Room Video (no talking)

Here’s a quick table for the tech specs of SX EG2K below.

SX EG2K Tech Specs

Scale24.6" (625 mm)
PickupsSX designed humbuckers.
Controls3-way Pickup Selector, 2 Tone and 2 Volume Pots.
Radius305 mm
Frets22, Jumbo (?)
TunersChrome, Die-Cast
Nut Width43 mm
BridgeTune-o-Matic style
AccessoriesDVD, Gigbag, Tuner, Strap, Amp, Cable and a Guitar Pick

SX EG2K Review & Sound Demo (no talking)

There’s also another video featuring the same guitar but this time in a full review format re-recorded with a Marshall JVM205C valve amp and Shure SM57 microphone directly into TC Electronic Impact Twin.

I’m kind of speechless here as this video has been liked so many times. But I can still see some really on-point comments on YouTube, saying that this is the most terrible-sounding instrument! 🙂

So what are the main reasons I’m roasting the SX EG2K model here?

The most remarkable reason is that this guitar’s craftsmanship really sucks! The frets are huge for this guitar. Also, it feels like they just hammered in the frets and then forget about it.

I mean, I don’t expect an excellent fret job at this level, but this guitar was really a shredder, in terms of being able to cut your fingers! And I’m not joking…

The guitar is also very very heavy. You can just feel it on your quads like you are really struggling to keep it at a fixed position.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the pickups were one of the least responsive, dead-sounding pickups ever.

As I always remind you about the guitar amp and settings that we used in this series of videos, the settings were identical. But if you listen to it carefully, you will hear very distant, weak and unresponsive sounds coming out of this instrument.

Many people commented on this video as I didn’t know how to tune up a guitar. I find it really funny actually, as I managed to tune hundreds of guitars, recorded videos of them (almost takes two hours per guitar), edited them, and uploaded them. But I failed on this guitar and forgot to tune it up.

People should understand that the craftsmanship of the frets makes the most difference in terms of sound and playability. Those frets are so big that when you use the same pressure that you have used for a decade, it goes out of tune momentarily.

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Because even the same pressure you apply causes local intonation issues and this is not about me not knowing how to adjust to jumbo-fretted guitars.

Especially, when you play more than one note at the same time such as intervals or chords, the sound will tremble! This also happened to me with Stagg S250 electric guitar you should avoid it at all times!

Overall, playing an SX EG2K was constantly fighting with the instrument. Just noticed that this model was probably discontinued. So note that I’m just talking about this particular model. It was the only SX Les Paul-style guitar that was sold among SX Guitars’ other products.

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I hope this article helps you with avoiding this instrument as it would be a waste of your hard-earned money. Thanks for visiting my blog and supporting me so far! I will hopefully see you in the next review here!

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