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TC Electronic M30 Reverb Review (Free Download)

Hello there, and welcome back to yet another cool plugin article for you! This time we will be looking at an abandoned VST plugin, TC Electronic M30 reverb. In this brief TC Electronic M30 reverb review, I will be providing you with some details on this amazing-sounding yet simple plugin as well as a quick demo with various guitar sounds.

TC Electronic Company

TC Electronic is a Danish company founded by two musicians back in 1976! The company was mainly designing and manufacturing guitar effect processors, bass amps, audio interfaces and plugins, EQs, post-production gear for studios as well as broadcast gear. Around mid-2015, TC electronic was acquired by Music Group (Uli Behringer).

Most guitar players happen to know TC Electronic by their legendary rack and floorboard effects (such as TC Electronic G-Force & G-Major, G-System, and Nova System) which were often preferred by iconic guitar players.

With the diminishing interest in rack gears, most of their legendary multi-effects unit was discontinued. Today, they mainly focus on guitar pedals, metering units, hybrid plugins & channel strips, bass head amps and various accessories.

Check out all available TC Electronic product line here

I was also a big fan of TC more than a decade ago and gigged with TC Electronic G-Sharp which was a stripped-down version of the G series, the flagship multi-effect unit.

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Around 2009, I also joined their giveaways and won a Nova Drive! So I was closely following the company and their product lines for sure! 🙂

I had also noticed that they were giving away M30 reverb for a limited time so I got my free copy too! Since that day, I used the M30 reverb exclusively on everything. But later on, my hard drive failed and I lost everything! After I explained the situation and asked for help from TC Electronic company, they kindly sent me the setup file! Also, they added that there would not be any customer support or active development.

M30 Reverb

TC Electronic M30 Reverb is one of the most simple-to-use, excellent-sounding reverb out there! TC uses their AlgoFlex™ algorithm which yields a high-quality reverb effect that sounds and feels like hardware gear.

M30 Reverb Features

M30 is extremely easy to use! This reverb plugin is derived from TC’s M40 Reverb that used to come with TC Electronic’s audio interfaces. So basically, M30 is the stripped-down version of M40. M30 only features the hall reverb algorithm from M40 (which had Plate and Room algorithms as well).

TC Electronic M30 Reverb
TC Electronic M30 Reverb

M30 Reverb Parameters

Pre Delay

With the pre-delay parameter, you can adjust the amount of separation of the source signal from the reverb tail.


With the decay parameter, you can adjust the length of the reverb diffuse field.


As the name suggests, with the hi-colour parameter, you can adjust the colour of the reverb. So you can make your reverb sound dark to bright and crisp.


Last but not least, with the mix parameter, you can set up the wet/dry ratio of the signal. As you can see, it also has a 100% button which allows you to quickly set this up to 100%. This is very handy as most of the time, time-based effects should be used as a parallel effect.

I will do my best to demo how you should set this up correctly in a DRY/WET guitar setup in Reaper.

TC Electronic M30 Reverb Demo Video

In order to show you the capabilities of this excellent-sounding reverb, I have prepared a simple video! I got my Fender American Standard Stratocaster, directly plugged into my ENGL E570 All Tube Preamp and then ENGL Cabloader. Then this signal goes into the RME Babyface PRO interface.

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I feed this signal into a track in Reaper without input monitoring activated, so I only hear zero latency, direct monitored signal thru my KRK Rokit 5 G4 monitors At the same time, I have another set of tracks that has TC Electronic M30 Reverb set to 100%. These tracks are also fed with the same guitar signal but without the record input activated.

So basically, I hear the 100% wet reverb effect with my guitar on it plus a 100% dry guitar signal already coming through my monitors.

In the first section of the video, I played a simple chord progression and just improvised a solo over it. For the improvised solo, I used the airy space solo instrument preset. In the second section, I played a simple riff with the crunch channel on my ENGL and just went through the presets quickly.

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Lastly, I played an improvised solo with the same crunch channel settings, but this time, I used the orchestral hall preset which sounds awesome to me already with the default settings! I also played with settings to show you some variations. However, it’s most of the time dead simple to set up TC Electronic M30 reverb.

TC Electronic M30 Reverb Review & Sound Demo (no talking)

Download TC Electronic M30 Reverb

As TC Electronic M30 Reverb had been long abandoned, I wanted to share it with you from my archive. In order to download, please visit the “Download” section on my website, then go to the Gumroad platform where you can enter your email address and get this setup file sent to your inbox.

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I hope you have enjoyed this brief article on the TC Electronic M30 reverb plugin and found this helpful! I’m sure you will also really like the sound of this amazing, yet simple reverb plugin.

Thanks for visiting my blog and supporting me so far! I will hopefully see you in the next review here!

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