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Seymour Duncan

About Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan is possibly the most respected and well-known company in the world of electric guitar pickups. Seymour Duncan’s journey started in the mid-60s when Seymour W. Duncan who is a seasoned luthier and musician decided to make and repair guitar pickups in his workshop in California, USA.

His life-long passion led him to understand all the nitty gritty details about the guitar tone and his pursuit of perfection drove him to come up with different winding techniques and materials in a bid to create the best guitar pickups in the world while offering constant modern improvements and innovations.

In 1976, Mr. Duncan officially founded the Seymour Duncan Pickups company in Santa Barbara, California, USA. His early work had already gained him a lot of popularity among guitar players.

However, his breakthrough happened when he introduced the Seymour Duncan JB (Jeff Beck, R.I.P.) model in the late 70s and became one of the most popular guitar pickups of all time!

Through the 80s and ’90s, the company kept innovating and introducing a wide range of guitar pickups aimed at different players and different genres. The company’s collaborations with legends such as Slash, Joe Bonamassa and Y.J. Malmsteen further secured its position in the guitar pickup business.

Even to this day where the competition in this business segment is fierce, Seymour Duncan Pickups has managed to stay as a leader in guitar pickup technology and is offering an ever-expanding product catalogue for all guitar players.

Today, Seymour Duncan Pickups is a brand that is considered an industry standard for guitar pickups and is very well respected by the entire guitar community.

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