Yavuz Çetin Erkan Oğur Dünya Backing Track

Here’s an incomplete project. In the summer of 2017, I decided to transcribe one of the best songs ever made, “Dünya” by Yavuz Çetin and Erkan Oğur. This track released as a song for a soundtrack album of the movie called “Propaganda“. Yavuz Çetin played the acoustic guitars and electric guitars whereas Erkan Oğur played … Read moreYavuz Çetin Erkan Oğur Dünya Backing Track

Yavuz Çetin Fanki Tonki Zonki Full Transcription

Here’s another transcription of one of the best Turkish guitar players, Yavuz Çetin‘s “Fanki Tonki Zonki” from his debut album, “İlk“. This song features his melodic blues phrasings, a lot of modulation and backing vocals by another legend, Özkan Uğur from MFÖ. I was quite glad about the accuracy of my transcription. It feels like … Read moreYavuz Çetin Fanki Tonki Zonki Full Transcription

Yavuz Çetin Oyuncak Dünya Transcription

Yavuz Çetin… He was successfully going up on his career as a musician back in the ’90s. However due to his personal problems he committed suicide. Unfortunately, after his death, he became much more well-known in the Turkish guitar community which is sad. You should definitely check his works out. He was one of the … Read moreYavuz Çetin Oyuncak Dünya Transcription