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About Osman
Osman Cenan Çiğil Resume 2021
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Buying Guides & Articles for Thomann
Why Thomann is the best music store? Excellent CX experiment!
Buying From Thomann Australia and New Zealand!
Buying From Thomann In UK After Brexit
Buying From Thomann – Ships to USA and Canada!
Is It Worth Buying from Thomann in the USA & Canada? Brand analysis
Thomann’dan Nasıl Alışveriş Yapılır?
Guitar Reviews
Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid PT-7 Review Ultra Violet – A Beast!
Fender American Standard Stratocaster Review (2013)
Schecter Blackjack SLS C-1 Active Guitar Review
Ibanez SRC6 Crossover Short Scale Bass/Guitar Review
SX EG2K Review One of The Worst Guitars Ever!
SX STL Alder Telecaster Review: Crazy Value!
Fender American Special Stratocaster Review
Fender CD-60 Review: Affordable Beginner Acoustic Guitar
Takamine GN51CE Review: Ergonomic Jumbo Design
Fender Road Worn Player Stratocaster Review: A Hidden Gem!
Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar Review
Takamine GD11M Acoustic Guitar Review
Yamaha APX Series Electro Acoustic Guitars Review & Comparison
25 Best Selling Acoustic Guitars For Beginners & Intermediate Players
Stagg S250 Electric Guitar You Should Be Avoiding Honest Review
Epiphone SG Special (VE) Best Beginner SG Model Guitar Review
SX SST62 Electric Guitar Review True 60’s Stratocaster Clone
Ibanez PF15ECE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic Guitar Review
Chapman Guitars: A Collaborative Guitar Company In This World
Why Should You Trust My Guitar and Gear Reviews?
Epiphone Les Paul Special II “Budget But Legit” Les Paul Review
Jackson JS32 Kelly w/FR Review Kelly Sound With Floyd Rose
Jackson JS32T Kelly Review Jackson Tone Without Busting Your Bank
Takamine GD93CE Acoustic Electric Guitar Review A Piece of Art
Squier by Fender Affinity Stratocaster Review Perfect Budget Strat
Squier by Fender Vintage Modified 70’s Stratocaster Review
SGR by Schecter C-1 Electric Guitar Perfect Beginner Choice
Schecter C-1 Hellraiser Guitar Review Flawless Instrument
Cort M600 Double Cut Electric Guitar Review
Ibanez GRG170DX Get Started w/ RG Model Guitars Review
Epiphone G-400 Pro Ebony Electric Guitar Real SG Experience
Cort M-Custom Excellent Guitar with Piezo Pickups Review
Godin Session Series Electric Guitar Review Crazy Value/Money
Epiphone Les Paul 100 Review Excellent Les Paul For Beginners
Jackson JS32 Dinky Series Electric Guitar Review Built For Shred
Jackson JS11 Dinky Review Best Entry Level Electric Guitar 2019
Ibanez Artcore AF55 Review Affordable Hollow-Body Electric Guitar
Ibanez V50NJP & VC50NJP Jam Pack Review The Best Starter Pack?
Cort AD810 Acoustic Guitar Review Excellent Value/Money Instrument
Cort AD880CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar Best Real Review
Gear Reviews
Pyramid 7 String Review
La Bella HRS-73 7 String Review & Whole Step Down Tuning Sound Test
Marshall JVM205C Review – Excellent & Versatile British Amp
Marleaux Bass Comfort Strap Review
Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II Speakers Review
t.bone MB85 Beta Microphone Review
WingManFX (Option Knob) Control Guitar Pedals with Your Feet!
50 Best Selling USB Audio Interface Buying Guide
Beyerdynamic DT-770 PRO 80 Ohm Professional Studio Headphones Review
Blackstar FLY 3 Mini Amps Review – Best Practice Amp!
Bricasti Design M7 Reverb Review: The Ultimate Reverb Unit
Boss GT-001 Guitar Processor Review & Demo
The Best Selling Studio Headphones Buying Guide for Audio Production
27 Best Selling Hearing Protection Headphones Buying Guide
Keith McMillen QuNexus Review Portable MIDI Keyboard & Controller
RME Babyface PRO FS Review – Fine Tuned To Extremes!
Soundman OKM II Classic/Studio Solo Microphone For ASMR & Mukbang
RME Babyface PRO Long Term Review Best Audio Interface!
Serafim Keybo Projection Keyboard and Piano
35 Best Selling MIDI Controller Keyboard Buying Guide
The Ultimate Comparison of 44 Best Selling Studio Monitors
Rechargeable Travel Amp by Fluid Audio Strum Buddy Review
The ONLY Tip For Getting The Best Guitar Tone on Your Computer!
Chicken Picks The Best Review of The Most Durable Guitar Picks Ever
Vintage V6 Reissued Sunburst Strat La Bella Bender Shnoor Cables Demo Sound
Vintage V6 Reissued Sunburst Stratocaster Bias FX Demo Sound Review
Canon HF R506 Zoom Test Super Moon!
Canon Legria HFR506 Camcorder Test Video
AMT P2 Pedal Preamp Review Demo Clean Distortion Channels
80s Something Backing Track Guitar Solo
Boss RC-2 Loop Station Quick Review & Demo
Trumpet & Cornet Reviews
The 5 Best Trumpets Review For Beginners and A Lefty Bonus!
A/B Audio Tests & Sound Comparisons
Ernie Ball Instrument Cable (Braided) Review & Blind Test
String Trees Demystified
Stratocaster Clones Blind Test: Can you guess?
Canon Legria HFR506 vs Boss Micro BR BR-80 Digital Recorder Microphone Comparison
Klotz Titanium Guitar Cable vs Regular Guitar Cable Sound Comparison
Covered vs Uncovered Humbucker Pickups Sound Demo Review
Audio Production
Boubacar Traoré & Ali Farka Touré Duna Ma Yelema Electronic Edit
Yavuz Çetin Erkan Oğur Dünya Backing Track Guitar Cover
Levent Yüksel Med Cezir Fretless Guitar Cover
Emre Altuğ Yani Improvisation Electric Guitar Solo
Groove Imam Part 1 Bluesy Salawaat Ahmed Tijani
Chicken Picks Guitar Picks Shredder Blues Soloing Demo
Tarık Mengüç Rock n Coke Metal Cover Niye Yokum?
How to Configure & Optimize Windows 7 for Audio Production
Guitar & Music Competition Entries
JTC Solo Contest Entry 2015 Osman C. Çiğil Rock Guitar Solo
Shred This Too Guitar Competition Entry in London
Instrument Care & Maintenance 
Trumpet Cleaning & Oiling Guide Instructions
How to Clean Guitar Fretboard? Natural or Synthetic Lemon Oil
Music Lessons Reviews
The Best Guitar Lesson You Can Get Online Real Review #stayathome
The Easiest Way To Learn Piano & Keyboard at Home #stayathome
VST Plugin Reviews
KV331 Audio SynthMaster One Review & Preset Walkthrough
Ignite Amps Emissary NadIR VST Amp Demo Review
LePou Poulin Lecto Hybrit Le456 Lextac Legion SoloC Plugin Review Demo
Guitar Transcriptions & Covers
Barış Manço & Kurtalan Ekspres Dönence Bass Guitar Cover
Kök Anlat (Bilmece) Guitar Cover
Laço Tayfa Hüsnü Şenlendirici Bergama Gaydası Guitar Cover
Queensryche I Don’t Believe in Love Dual Guitar Cover
Queen You Don’t Fool Me Guitar Solo
Asiaminor Cat’s Dream Kamil Erdem Saksafon Solo Guitar Cover
Fanfare Ciocarlia Que Dolor Trumpet Solo Guitar Cover
Yavuz Çetin Fanki Tonki Zonki Guitar Cover
Secret Garden The Reel Guitar Cover
Kök Avcı (Bilmece) Guitar Cover
Kök And (Bilmece) Guitar Cover
Mavi Sakal Gönlümde Guitar Cover Amplitube 4
Tamburada Korhan Futacı Saxophone Melody Dolly Guitar Cover
Asiaminor Cat’s Dream Kamil Erdem Tuna Guitar Cover
Pinhani Hele Bi Gel Gitar Solo Cover
Gürol Ağırbaş Bas Şarkıları 1 Balerin Saxophone Guitar Solo
Asiaminor Cat’s Dream Kamil Erdem Zaviye Guitar Cover
Mazhar Alanson Benim Hala Umudum Var Guitar Solo Cover
Kenan Doğulu Kandırdım Unison Scat Singing Guitar Solo Cover
Europe Open Your Heart Guitar Solo Cover
Aziza Mustafa Zadeh Butterflies Guitar Cover
Marco Sfogli Larry Carlton Style Guitar Solo Cover
Deep Purple Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming Guitar Cover
Street Fighter 2 Ken Theme Music Guitar Cover
Shawn Lane Epilogue For Lisa Guitar Cover
Pinhani Dön Bak Dünyaya Guitar Solo Cover
Yavuz Çetin Oyuncak Dünya Acoustic Guitar Cover
Andy Timmons There Are No Words Guitar Cover
Europe The Final Countdown Guitar Solo Cover
Europe Superstitious Guitar Solo Cover
Upgrades & Mods
How To Use A Camera Tripod As A Microphone Stand?
Ibanez AR300 Korea Fretless Guitar Melody
SX SST62 Stratocaster Review Demo Graphtech, DiMarzio Nut Upgrade
Download (Tabs, Backing Tracks, PDF)
Akın Eldes
Andy Timmons
Aziza Mustafa Zadeh
Bas Şarkıları 1
Behringer GM105
Black or White
Boss Micro BR-80
Boss RC-2
Canon Legria HF R506
Chapman Guitars
Chapman ML1
Chicken Picks
Deep Purple
E-Bow Plus
Electric Guitar Reviews
Emissary Amp
Emre Altuğ
Epic Fail
Erkan Sızarlar
Fanfare Ciocarlia
Fluid Audio Strum Buddy
Fretless Ibanez AR300RE
Groove Imam
Gürol Ağırbaş
Ibanez AR300RE
Ignite Amps
Kamil Erdem
Kedi Rüyası
Kee Marcello
Keith McMillen QuNexus
Kenan Doğulu
Klotz Titanium
Koch Pedaltone
Korhan Futacı
Laço Tayfa
LePou Hybrit
LePou Le456
LePou Lecto
LePou Legion
LePou Lextac
LePou Plugins
LePou SoloC
Levent Yüksel
M-Audio Audiophile 24/96
Marco Sfogli
Matt Guitars
Mavi Sakal
Mazhar Alanson
Mokafix Audio
OCZ Vector 128GB SSD
Peavey Revalver 4
Positive Grid
Reason 5
Rechargeable Travel Amp
RME Babyface
RME Babyface Pro
RME Babyface Pro FS
Rob Ten Bokum
Rocktron Voodu Valve
SanDisk Ultra II SSD
Secret Garden
SGR by Schecter
Shawn Lane
Shnoor Cables
Squier by Fender
Steve Morse
SX SST62 Stratocaster
Tarık Mengüç
TC Electronic G-Sharp
Tech 21 Trademark 60
Thomann Buying Guides
Vintage V6 Stratocaster
Vox Tonelab LE
Yahya Dai
Yavuz Çetin