Here’s an attempt to play Levent Yüksel’s Med Cezir on a fretless electric guitar. I spent some time figuring out the chords on my Keith McMillen QuNexus which was very challenging since I don’t know how to play the keys! 

Levent Yüksel’s Med Cezir album was one of the most respected Turkish pop albums and many people still think it’s timeless! 

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The equipment I used;

Ibanez AR300RE (Made in Korea) Fretless Electric Guitar strung with Thomastik Infeld Jazz Swing JS111 Flat Wound [Converted by Matt Guitars (Hakan Seçkin – One of the best luthiers here in Turkey, please click here to have a look at his amazing stuff!)]

Keith McMillen QuNexus

Chicken Picks Shredder 3.5mm

RME Babyface PRO

Victor G451 Laptop

Reaper 5.76

Mokafix Audio Lamp Driver

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