Aziza Mustafa Zadeh Butterflies Guitar Cover

Aziza Mustafa Zadeh (a.k.a. The Queen of Jazz!) has been always a great inspiration for me personally.

Even though I’m a guitar player, I was spending much more time listening to her rather than listening to guitar players 🙂

Obviously, it doesn’t make sense for many to transcribe her music on electric guitar, but her song “Butterflies” has a really good theme and I always wanted to play this on guitar, at least the parts which are possible to play 😉

Watch this video on YouTube.

Here are my modifications which were done by me to my Erkan Sızarlar custom-made electric guitar;

I had changed the pickups to Seymour Duncan Custom Custom on the bridge and Phat Cat on the neck position. The sounds you are hearing are coming from Koch Pedaltone all-tube preamp!

Also, I had removed the black painting on the headstock and just etched the pickguard. Lastly, the bridge and tuners were also replaced by chrome versions.

Hope you enjoy this rendition and thanks for your time!


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