Barış Manço & Kurtalan Ekspres Dönence Bass Guitar Cover

Hello there, just posted bass guitar cover of a trademark music composition by Barış Manço & Kurtalan Ekspres, Dönence!

This song is a timeless one and they really set the bar too high with this tune back in the late 80s in Turkey.

Bass guitar partition composed and played by Ahmet Güvenç. To me, this song is almost like a lesson and can be introduced to anyone thinking bass guitars are not necessary for music 🙂

Since I post mostly reviews and articles on musical instruments, I would also like to give you brief information about the equipment I used for this video.

Recently, I got myself an Ibanez SRC6 Crossover, short-scale, 6-string bass guitar. Restrung it with Ernie Ball 2837 Slinky Baritone strings. Also, a really lovely mirrorless camera by Canon EOS M200.

I am working on separate review articles for these gears, so keep in touch with me via the mail list below!

I plugged my Ibanez SRC6 directly into my RME Babyface PRO and used a couple of plugins to shape the tone of this instrument. The main ingredient for this bass guitar tone was TSE Audio BOD (Bass Overdrive) along with some plugins and EQ. Last but not least, I used my all-time favourite Chicken Picks Shredder guitar picks for this thick and powerful tones!

Note that, I also had to modify the EQ curve of the original audio to make the original bass parts inaudible. Also, mixed it with my Beyerdynamic DT-770 PRO 80 Ohm as I only have a pair shitty Logitech speakers which exaggerate the bass frequency at any level.

Anyway, here’s the video!

By the way, as a side note: If you have ever recorded a relatively high-quality video such as 1080p 60fps and tried to edit these files in your computers, you will highly likely feel for the pain! Even some modern computers can not handle basic video editing actions.

My laptop is relatively powerful featuring an Intel I7 processor and 8GB RAMs. However, when I tried to edit the video with Blackmagic Design Da Vinci Resolve by using optimized media option, my computer literally died! 🙂

So I found another and also completely free software called OpenShot! I’m blown away by the simplicity and performance of it!!! Just wanted to mention them here. Thank you OpenShot, thank you, Jonathan Tomas and great developers!


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