Deep Purple Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming Guitar Cover

Around 2008, I was so into this song and spent lots of time transcribing it by ear.

There were not many video resources back then. I think I had just made it harder to play with my tapping harmonics rather than gently touching and picking 🙂

I used my trusty Erkan Sızarlar custom-made electric guitar with Vox Tonelab LE directly going into my M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 PCI card. In addition, I panned the whole song to the hard left so Steve Morse‘s channel got almost disappeared.

This way I had lots of space for my track. Also, in this video, my custom made guitar was loaded with Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz set.

Watch this video on YouTube.

As for the gear goes, I was a big fan of Vox processors and got myself a Tonelab LE back in the day.

When I looked up for their new generation multi-effects and processors, I wasn’t able to find many. They probably focus on their amp segment which makes sense. However, they still manufacture smaller versions of Tonelabs.

Thanks for your time!


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