Gürol Ağırbaş Bas Şarkıları 1 Balerin Saxophone Guitar Solo

Here’s another great musician I have been listening to for ages! Gürol Ağırbaş is a well-known bass player here in Turkey.

His albums called “Bas Şarkıları 1” and “Bas Şarkıları 2” are both great and you’ll be surprised to see the level of musicianship and variety of genres.

There is one song called “Balerin” and it has an excellent saxophone solo. I always wanted to play this on guitar.

But it was really difficult to transcribe due to his very fast lines at the peak of the solo.

Eventually, I made it and wanted to post it on Youtube. Hope you like it!

I used my Ibanez AR300RE loaded with Seymour Duncan’s JB/JAZZ  set which goes straight into RME Babyface audio interface with my Klotz Titanium cable.

All done in the digital domain with LePou plugins!

Featuring Chicken Picks Shredder! 🙂


Thanks for your time!


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