Kök Anlat (Bilmece) Full Transcription

Kök is a power trio from Istanbul, Turkey. Cem Ömeroğlu on guitars and vocals (Nekropsi), Kerem Tüzün on bass and vocals (Nekropsi, Kurban), Kaan Sezyum on drums. I’m a very big fan and did attempt to cover their songs.

Here’s the first one from their debut album Bilmece, the track you’ll be listening to is called “Anlat“.

I used my Ibanez AR300RE, RME Babyface, Klotz Titanium cables featuring Chicken Picks Badazz and this time with Peavey Revalver 4 (JCM). There you are;


PS: You need to tune down a whole step and then Drop C 🙂

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for your time!


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