Marco Sfogli Larry Carlton Style Guitar Solo Cover

Here’s my note to note transcription of an excellent improvisation by Marco Sfogli on a Larry Carlton style backing track.

I used my Erkan Sızarlar custom-made electric guitar with my Koch Pedaltone all-tube preamp.

This time my guitar was also modded heavily by me 🙂

I had changed the pickups to Seymour Duncan Custom Custom on the bridge and Phat Cat on the neck position.

Also, I had removed the black painting on the headstock and just etched the pickguard.

Lastly, the bridge and tuners were also replaced by chrome versions.

It is very demotivating to know that he only improvised over a backing track but transcribing it was so tough for me. It took ages to get every note right.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Again, my guitar plugged directly to Koch Pedaltone then M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 PCI card.

As I mentioned in my previous posts, it’s almost impossible to find Koch Pedaltone preamp online.

According to Koch Amps’ website, they now have a 2nd generation. Please visit Koch Amps’ website for more information.

They also have more pedal preamps that have actual valves in them!

Hope you enjoy and thanks for your time!


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