Pinhani Dön Bak Dünyaya Guitar Solo Cover

Here’s another old video of me, trying to play the whole guitar solo on a track called “Dön Bak Dünyaya” by Pinhani.

The guitar solo was played by Akın Eldes who is one of my guitar heroes in Turkey. You should definitely check him out.

In this video, I used my Erkan Sızarlar custom-made electric guitar loaded with Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz set with Tech 21 TM60 amp. And also, strangely I used a Shure PG57 microphone not just for recording purposes but to redirect my amp signal to my computer via an M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 PCI card then apply some delays.

So what you are hearing is the sum of sounds coming out of the amp (DRY) and my cheap computer speakers (WET).

I remember I was inspired by Shawn Lane’s DRY-WET setup and try to imitate it as a mortal being 🙂 Here you are;

Watch this video on YouTube.

Thanks for your time!


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