Queen You Don’t Fool Me Guitar Solo

Queen is probably the reason I have started playing the guitar. I have been listening to Queen since 1996 and a really big fan 🙂

Here’s the guitar solo transcription of a great song called “You Don’t Fool Me” by Queen.

I tried to play with the frequencies of the original track to lower Brian May‘s parts so I opened up some space for my guitar track.

The rhythm guitar tracks and classic Brian May harmonies overdubbed by me 🙂

I used my Chapman ML1, RME Babyface, Klotz Titanium cables into LePou Hybrit amp with LeCab and loaded some Orange Let it Burn impulses.

On top of these, I added Mokafix Audio E-Z Drive, TC Electronics M30 VST reverb and TL’s Saturated Driver as well as a stereo delay.

I also transcribed and uploaded the tabs on Gumroad website so you can purchase it for a symbolic fee to help me pay for hosting and domain.

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for your time!


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