Queensryche I Don’t Believe in Love Guitar Cover

Here’s one of my favourite tunes by Queensryche. “I Don’t Believe in Love” is a great example of a perfect guitar duo that constantly compliments each other during the track.

I used my Chapman ML1 and Ibanez AR300RE loaded with Seymour Duncan’s JB/JAZZ along with Emissary Amp by Ignite Amps plugged directly into my RME Babyface with Klotz Titanium cables, this time with Chicken Picks Badazz 2.0mm.

The cool thing about this video is that I managed to play both parts in one take without having to switch presets because I used a great feature called “Automation” (available in every single DAW I suppose).

This way you can tell your computer to change parameters at exact times just like you would control your presets by stomping on individual pedals or multi-effects processors. This way you just focus on your playing and let the computer switch your lead, rhythm, cleans…etc

Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for your time!


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