Yavuz Çetin Fanki Tonki Zonki Guitar Cover

Here’s another transcription of one of the best Turkish guitar players, Yavuz Çetin‘s “Fanki Tonki Zonki” from his debut album, “İlk“. This song features his melodic blues phrasings, a lot of modulation and backing vocals by another legend, Özkan Uğur from MFÖ.

I was quite glad about the accuracy of my transcription. It feels like it’s almost 100% accurate. When I listen to it these days, I find a few small mistakes tough.

In this video, I used my SX SST62 Stratocaster (mods here on this page plus tremolo bridge block and saddles were replaced with a Squier bridge).

Again, I also used my RME Babyface, Klotz Titanium cables and Chicken Picks Shredder for this video and LePou Hybrit VST amp along with Mokafix Audio The Bat (RAT pedal).

Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for your time!


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