Yavuz Çetin Oyuncak Dünya Acoustic Guitar Cover

Yavuz Çetin… He was successfully going up on his career as a musician back in the ’90s. However due to his personal problems he committed suicide. Unfortunately, after his death, he became much more well-known in the Turkish guitar community which is sad.

You should definitely check his works out. He was one of the best guitar players, singers and songwriters ever in my country. I had tried to play his song “Oyuncak Dünya” back in the day and recorded with a camcorder.

There are for sure mistakes and misinterpreted parts in the guitar parts. Hope you enjoy and discover him through my videos.

I tuned my guitar to “Open D” which means DADGF#D but some people told me it was not right.

I’m not really sure about it, because not many people ever saw him having played this tune live.

I played it with my Cort AD870 acoustic guitar which is in the hands of some children who are in need of musical education and instruments located in Van, Turkey. I donated my guitar for a social responsibility project that we organized in MyDukkan during my service.

The project is called “Müzik Kardeşim” and you can have a lot more information on their official website.

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