Don’t Buy OCZ Vector 128GB SSD All Files Gone!

OK, here it is. I have recommended SSDs everywhere almost since from the beginning and have heard a lot of good stuff about OCZ Vector series SSD.

Here’s the story; I bought my OCZ Vector 128GB SSD in the summer of 2013. At that time, I had an old Asus F3JC. After I upgraded my laptop with this SSD, it was really good as you can see from the video down below, the boot time had come down from minutes to seconds.

Then in 2015, January I had a new laptop without a hard drive on purpose so I could use my lovely SSD with it. I was able to use it until the summer of 2017. One day my Windows 10 LSTB version (this version does not require updates very often) wanted to get updated.

I resisted for a few days, then just confirmed it. The last thing I saw after it restarted was that my laptop screen was all black and blinking. I thought it was just Windows failed, but when I tried to reinstall my Windows, there was no disk at all!

All my projects, video recordings, heavy edits, some song ideas, photos…etc gone in a second. When I looked up on the internet, there were several people complaining about the same issue. I think it might be accepted as this is in SSDs nature; if they fail, you lose everything and can not recover your files!


Why Should You Not Go For OCZ Vector SSD?

Here I am not blaming the company as they are still in the business and quite successful however I would never purchase an SSD from this brand again. I tried to contact them and they offered me a support ticket so I could send my drive to the Netherlands.

If it turned out that it was malfunctioning, I could get an equivalent SSD drive. But, I had to pay for all the delivery which means I could easily get a brand new SSD with that money.

I don’t think it’s a good way to treat customers because it doesn’t make sense really.

Why should I pay a couple of hundred Euros and wait for my drive to come back while I can buy a new one with that money?

So instead, I got myself a brand new SSD by SanDisk and have been using it since then.

The customer review for SanDisk is pretty excellent! Check it out yourself.

PS: Lessons learnt; Never trust an SSD and leave your important files on it. Always backup in a second or in a third location (if possible)!


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