Ibanez AR300 Korea Fretless Guitar Melody

I always wanted to own a fretless electric guitar. And finally, I just went crazy and decided to get my trusty Ibanez AR300 which I have used in many of my videos here converted to a fretless one. I met Hakan Seçkin of Matt Guitars, Turkey and told him what I wanted.

He had never done this to any guitar, but he just came up with loads of solution for my needs and did the conversion perfectly.

The frets were removed and the board was smoothened then he made a kind of pool in order to fill it up with acrylic material. I think there were at least three layers all finished to a glossy level. I only plugged my guitar into my RME Babyface Pro with a Klotz Titanium cable.

If you want to have a look at Hakan Seçkin‘s work, please visit the official Matt Guitars website.

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for your time!


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