Best Hearing Protection Headphones For Musicians & Shooters

Hello there, back again with another piece of unique content here for you! This time I would like to pick up something different as a topic. As we are all musicians and music lovers, we are very dependent on our most valuable asset, our ears! Even though we ignore the importance of our ears, we should always consider protecting them against high levels of noise.

In this article, I will do my best to provide you with a brief guide with enough details that will help you to choose your ear protection product.

What is Hearing Protection Equipment?

Hearing protection equipment basically aims to protect your ears against noise-induced hearing loss (tinnitus) by reducing the vibrations of the noise around you that may cause damage to your inner ears.

There are basically two types earplugs and earmuffs (just like headphones). In this particular guide article, I aim to reach musicians, however, there is more than one consumer group for hearing protection equipment!

You will find out about ear protection devices for babies and children, workers, stage crew, musicians, hunters, soldiers and many more. Even though some brands market their ear protection products as if they were aimed at a specific group of people, you can always use them on more than one occasion. In short, they function almost exactly identically and promise to reduce vibrations that are reaching your ears.

Hearing protection equipment has been always popular among workers who work in construction with noisy machines or staff in a noisy nightclub. They are also a fundamental piece of gear shooters who are exposed to ear-blasting level explosive noises.

Most ear protection equipment that is promoted for shooting usually reduces the noise by around 25 to 30 dB, so most of the products mentioned here below may also be used for this alternative purpose.

On top of that, you may also see musicians or sound engineers using hearing protection gear to protect their ears which is the heart of what their job or passion is all about. So it’s highly recommended to use ear protection gear especially if the duration of noise exposure is too long.

There is even special ear protection gear for babies at a certain age range in case you are having difficulties with the noise around your baby.

Workers or people shooting regularly are naturally less interested in the ability of their hearing when they are using these products, but musicians may be pickier since they depend on their ears to perform their music or sounds.

So they often think about how good and detailed they will be able to hear through these ear protection products.

What is The Best Hearing Protection Headphone?

When you consider these different user groups and parameters mentioned, you will notice there’s no single or the best solution to the wide needs of different people.

For example, singers and brass players usually prefer the optimum, all-around ear protection products while having optimum protection, because they still have to hear themselves clearly.

Thanks to developing technology and inventions in material science and manufacturing methods, now we access high-quality, fairly priced products that provide a balanced noise reduction.

Although it’s rare to find a custom option, here in the tables below there is one product that you can actually receive custom-made. So please go through and have a look at that option if you are interested.

Most of the items in the tables are non-fitted types but still offer different size options. So do not forget to check the individual product option on each product page.

Since everyone’s anatomy is different, it’s better to rank these products in terms of the number of ratings they have received so far. I would normally prefer separating products from different price segments. But on-ear and hearing protection products it’s better to use the number of ratings as it’s a sign of the frequency of people buying and giving feedback.

Let’s have a look at the first table which includes the best-selling and best-rated ear and hearing protection equipment.

I have divided 27 products into 3 groups in terms of the number of rankings. The first table starts with the highest-rated one whereas the third table is the lowest number of rankings as a sign of not being preferred often.

Best Rated Ear & Hearing Protection Headphones Table – 1

BrandAlpineEarsonicsHear SafeVic FirthFenderFenderElacinUvex
ModelMusic Safe ProEar PadHS-ER 20DB22 Ear ProtectorsMusician EarPlugsConcert EarPlugs (4pair)ER20K1 Ear Protector
Noise Reduction-16 - 15.7 - 14.3 dB-10 to -25dB-16dB-22dB-27dB-32dB-18.6dB-28dB
Number of ratings815349147145127119106104
Custom MadeNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Suitable for kids & children?NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Shipping Weight69g29.80g16.60g329.60g15.40g8.80g31g263g
Sales Rank11228102035175

Alpine Music Safe Pro – Best of the Best!

At the first table, we have an obvious winner! Alpine Music Safe Pro has the highest number of ratings ranking #1 in the category.

Alpine Music Safe Pro earplugs noise protection
Alpine Music Safe Pro earplugs noise protection

Alpine Music Safe Pro is made of medical and thermoplastic material for a perfect fit while maximizing comfort. Claims to apply no pressure on or in the ears. Another cool thing about this product is that it comes with 3 different filters that you can use to modify the reduction level.

There are gold (-16dB), silver (-15.7dB) and white (-14.3dB) exchangeable acoustic filter sets are included. Probably the best option for those who want an In-Ear option.

Vic Firth DB22 Ear Protectors – for drummers

There’s another exciting ear protection product which is the headphone format. It’s DB22 Ear Protectors by Vic Firth. Providing -22dB noise reduction and being able to surround your ear with its closed-back design makes it an ideal candidate for those who practice loud instruments such as drums, brass or percussion.

Even though it’s the highest-priced item in the first table, it has been able to receive a lot of feedback. Definitely check these out!

Vic Firth DB22 headphones hearing protection
Vic Firth DB22 headphones hearing protection

Best Rated Ear & Protection Headphones Table – 2

BrandVic FirthUvexElacinElacinPlanet WavesEar PeaceEtymoticFischer AmpsEarlabs
ModelVFEARPLR Earplugs RegularK Junior Ear ProtectorER20sEar Protection Filter 9PWPEP1Ear Protection PlugsMusic ProCustom Made Earplugs IIdBud
Noise Reduction-12dB-29dB-21.2dB-16dB-12dB13.6 to 15.1dB-9 to 15dB-6, -9, -12, -18 or -25 dB-11 to -24dB
Number of ratings959494585652342524
Custom MadeNoNoNoYesNoNoNoYesNo
Suitable for kids & children?NoYesYesNoYesNoYesYesNo
Shipping Weight25g302.20g38.60g1.60g1g39g187.30g20g107.50g
Sales Rank273251343247376
Price€ 26.00€ 17.90€ 19.50€ 68.00€ 27.00€ 19.90€ 325.00€ 130.00€ 49.00

Here in this second table, I have listed the mid-segment in terms of the number of ratings they have received.

Uvex K-Junior Ear Protector for children

Uvex K Junior Ear Protector stands out for its high number of ratings as well as ranking #3.

K-Junior is made for kids and children hearing protection. If you consider protecting your child’s ear from the high level of noise, this is your best option.

Uvex K-Junior earplugs noise protection for kids
Uvex K-Junior earplugs noise protection for kids

Etymotic Music Pro – Electronic Hearing Protection Products

There’s also a highly-price, boutique-level in-ear hearing protection item by Etymotic Music Pro that stands out with its price while having received a relatively high number of high ratings.

Music Pro is electronic hearing protection that can automatically adjust the changing sound levels. Provides -9dB or -15dB reduction of noise with the help of a switch. Comes with Accu-Fit Eartips, a flexible neck cord, batteries, a cleaning tool, a protective case and a manual.

Etymotic Music Pro - Electronic Hearing Protection Products
Etymotic Music Pro – Electronic Hearing Protection Products

Definitely check this out if you are looking for an electronic hearing protection device that is boutique-level!

And finally, there’s a custom-made hearing protection option here by Fischer Amps Custom Made Earplugs IITo have a custom solution you need to place an order and then follow the instructions to create your ear impression. The production time is around 3 to 4 weeks.

Best Rated Ear & Protection Headphones Table – 3

BrandBananazAlpineBananazFischer Ampsthe t.boneUvexAlpineLoopVibes
ModelThunderplugs ProPartyPlug Earplugs TransparentThunderplugs ClassicCustom Made EarplugsHP 22 Hearing ProtectionHiCom Festival Earplugs 4pairsMuffy BabyEarplugs silverHigh-Fidelity Earplugs
Noise Reduction-18 -26dB

-16.5dB to -21dB-18dB-6 -9 -25 -18 and -25db -25dB-24dBNA-20dB-22dB
Number of ratings161311886430
Custom MadeNoNoNoYesNoNoNoNoNo
Suitable for kids & children?NoNoNoYesYesYesYesNoYes
Shipping Weight34.40g32g34.60g108.50g311.40g38g185g59g27.40g
Sales Rank41515232238363021

the t.bone HP22 – Thomann exclusive brand!

Last but not least, here is the third table. This one mostly includes affordable, in-ear types of hearing protection products as well as the ones aimed at drummers such as Thomann’s exclusive brand the t.bone HP 22 Hearing ProtectionSince it’s adjustable, it is also suitable for children’s use and for shootings.

the t.bone HP22 - Thomann exclusive drummer's hearing protection
the t.bone HP22 – Thomann exclusive drummer’s hearing protection

Bananaz Thunderplugs Pro – Innovative young company

I would also like to mention Thunderplugs Pro by Bananaz, which provides 2 Earplugs with a music filter (18dB/26 dB) which is certified with EN 352-2 in-ear hearing protection. It also comes with an aluminium storage tray with a bottle opener function which is really cool! Check it out your self:)

Bananaz Thunderplugs Pro - Innovative young company
Bananaz Thunderplugs Pro – Innovative young company

Alpine Muff Baby – The best option for toddlers

Lastly, for baby’s hearing protection you have an excellent product Muffy Baby by Alpine, designed for babies and toddlers up to 18 months makes it a great choice for new parents. There are other colour options on the product page, but the blue one is the best seller for your information 🙂

Alpine Muff Baby - The best option for toddlers
Alpine Muff Baby – The best option for toddlers

However, if you can choose the type and feel of your ear protector, it’s all about determining your budget and going for the best-rated and ranked products which prove people increased the amount of satisfaction with the products.

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Hope this helps, thanks for visiting my blog and supporting me so far! I will hopefully see you in the next review here!


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