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Gravity VARI G 5 Review – Sleek Guitar Stand!

Hello there, back again with another music gear article for you! This time we will be looking at a multi-guitar stand: Gravity VARI G 5 guitar stand!

Gravity is a German company founded by the Adam Hall Group. Gravity company mainly focuses on various PA equipment stands, keyboard stands, guitar and bass stands, microphone stands, drum thrones, lighting equipment stands, transport systems, sheet music stands and various bags for these pieces of types of equipment.

Thomann's 70th Anniversary Offers

Thomann's 70th Anniversary Offers

Gravity VARI series is a set of cleverly designed, multi or variable guitar and bass stands. In this article, we will be particularly reviewing the Gravity VARI-G 5 model that can hold up to five instruments.

Gravity VARI G5 with 3 guitars
Gravity VARI G5 with 3 guitars

But as you can guess, it has even three, seven and nine-instrument versions as well. I will provide a quick comparison table for you to choose your Gravity VARI easier in this article.

Why Do You Need a Multi-Stand?

Easy question for guitar nerds, right? 🙂 As we all know for sure, there is no such thing as too many guitars! We also know that non-guitarists will never understand the feeling of having more than one guitar! Even though I wanted to keep the number of guitars I would own to a minimum, I have obtained already three and one more is coming!

I remember the moment just before I purchased my Gravity VARI G 5. I was having this conversation with myself, “No, you will not have more than five guitars, the fourth is coming soon. Would I ever get the fifth? Yeah, maybe! Then I need a guitar stand that can hold up to five guitars so I will be safe for SOME TIME!

Then she says why do you need more than one guitar?
No such thing as too many guitars!

As you can see, the justification of your multi-guitar stand purchase is the easiest of all! 🙂 For this reason, I quickly made up my mind and ordered a Gravity VARI G 5 from Thomann.

Gravity VARI G Series Multi-Guitar Stands Features

As I have mentioned above, the Gravity VARI G series comes in different sizes. Every VARI G multi-stands are made of steel, ABS plastic and TPU (three different types of materials used).

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Check out the best guitar pickup company, Seymour Duncan here!

And every VARI G multi-stands are powder-coated with a soft-touch feel to them. Last but not least, bottom rods are coated with a kind of foam to protect your guitars as you can see in the image below.

Gravity VARI G5 soft bottom

Gravity VARI G Series Multi-Guitar Stands

Number of guitars3579
Height780 mm780 mm780 mm780 mm
Depth445 mm445 mm445 mm445 mm
Dimensions When Folded (W x H x D)40 x 78 x 8 cm60 x 78 x 8 cm80 x 78 x 8 cm80 x 78 x 8 cm

The first thing to consider before you buy your Gravity VARI G is to determine how many guitars you have or will have in the near future! 🙂

And then, all you need to do is double-check the width parameter as you need to somehow be able to place them in your room or studio.

Note that the height when folded is pretty short, but please consider that the depth becomes around 45cm when in use.

I had a pretty small space available for my stand, just quickly measured it and straight into buying my Gravity VARI-G 5 from Thomann.

Gravity Vari G 5 Review

It comes in a sleek cartoon box and all these stands are made in China. Assembling your Gravity VARI G5 is pretty easy. But you need to be careful with the screws! As with all Chinese-made stands, they sometimes have misleading or unclear instructions.

Not so surprisingly, the screws came in a nylon bag separated from each other. This exact screw packaging was something I’m used to seeing. 🙂

When I bought my working desk in my new place, I also had exact same packaging and labelling for the screws. So even though this is my assumption, these are all made in the same factory in China.

Music Plugin Deals at

Music Plugin Deals at

I think the coolest feature of the Gravity VARI G series stands is that you can really move or remove these neck holders. It gives you a lot of freedom in how to arrange your stand for each instrument.

Gravity VARI G5 detachable neck holders
Detachable neck holders

It also comes with a screwdriver (with a Gravity brand theme) as well as black rings. By default, you will have these green rings. According to Gravity company, these are for customising and almost marking these stands for specific use in a live stage environment. But to be honest, I don’t see this feature as a big selling point.

I think the Gravity VARI G series is an excellent product, detachable and moveable neck holders are the main selling point of these products. Very well thought out and designed!

Gravity VARI G 5 is the best-selling among other Gravity guitar stands, followed by VARI G 9. Interestingly, even though guitar/bass stands are a huge product category that includes a lot of wall-type stands (cheap), VARI G 5 has been able to rank 12th among many cheaper products.

Martinic Plugins - Precisely Modeled Vintage Instruments and FX Plugins

Martinic Plugins - Precisely Modeled Vintage Instruments and FX Plugins

As I always mention here in my blog, this is a really good sign of high-value purchases. That means people give this a chance and they are all satisfied with their Gravity VARI G stands!

I definitely recommend this multi-stand without a doubt. If you don’t have enough guitars to fill up VARI G 5 slots, you know what to do! Buy more guitars!! 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed this brief article and quick Gravity VARI G stands review. Thanks for visiting my blog and I will hopefully see you in the next one!

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