RME Babyface PRO FS Review – Fine Tuned To Extremes

Hello there, my dear readers! Back again with a piece of news this time! Many of my visitors have already read my RME Babyface PRO Review. It’s been one of the best performings reviews on my website and ranks number 1 on Google search results, thanks to your great interest and support!

As I mentioned in that review, I have been a big fan of RMA brand and appreciate their quality products and how they approach designing their audio interfaces. While I was regularly checking their website and their social media accounts, I have noticed they have just released a new version of RME Babyface PRO, this time called as RME Babyface PRO FS.

My original RME Babyface PRO Review article was shared by RMA on social media and they mentioned “Some people might think it’s an expensive interface but actually, it’s not! You are paying for the stability, support and hassle-free use and you are paying for these to last 5-8 years!“ part! I was really glad because this is what I was aiming to project to my readers.

However, I was partially wrong with not expecting an upgrade. It’s been around 4 years since RME Babyface PRO was released and to be honest I wasn’t even expecting a completely new design.

In my opinion, RMA Babyface PRO FS can be considered as a step-up model from the original one.

RME Babyface PRO FS!
RME Babyface PRO FS – Fine-tuned for extreme precision!

After I have checked out what’s new, I feel like they have fine-tuned an already perfect product to the extreme precision!

In terms of appearance, it looks identical to the RMA Babyface Pro with an added K-slot for theft protection. Here’s what’s new with RMA Babyface PRO FS.

+19 / +4 dBu switch for reducing the output level. With this switch, SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) has been improved for sensitive reference monitors and helps to keep TotalMix FX faders near-zero dBs!

A new circuit called Full SteadyClock FS just like the one in the ADI-2 Pro FS provides lowest and highest jitter immunity.

3.5 mm TRS phones output power has been increased from 70 mW to 90 mW and THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) has been improved by up to 10dB for each phones outputs. The output impedance of 3.5mm TRS input has been lowered from 2 Ohms to 0.1 Ohms.

SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) on microphone inputs has been improved from 112.2 dB to 113.7 dB and on TRS Line inputs has been improved from 114 dB to 116.3 dB (120 dBA) and THD Line inputs have been improved by 8 dB.

On the AD side, 6 samples fewer latency thanks to new ADC (Analog to Digital Converter). 5 samples on AD and 7 samples DA which gives you an average of 6 samples.

These improvements have been achieved without adding extra power consumption to the unit!

Also, they have added K-slot for theft protection.

And here’s a great introductory video of RME Babyface PRO FS by Syntax TV

While I was researching RME Babyface PRO FS on the RMA’s official website, I have noticed that RME Babyface PRO page has been deactivated and it has been classified as a discontinued product.

That’s why I really wanted to provide my readers with a quick update because I believe PRO FS will have replaced the original Babyface PRO very soon.

So if you are considering buying the best interface, RME Babyface PRO, you should definitely check it out and go for it!

This fine-tuned RME Babyface PRO FS will cost you a little bit more than the original, however as I have always mentioned, it will be the best investment you will ever make for your professional recording needs anytime, anywhere!

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