Soundman OKM II Classic Studio Solo – Best For ASMR!

Hello there, back again with another article for you. This time, we will be having a look at an omnidirectional electret microphone by Soundman OKM II Classic/Studio Solo! Soundman is a German company founded in 1982 as ‘Soundman Shop’ which was focusing more on walkmans, portable audio recorders and gear in Berlin.

They also started developing binaural microphones in 1984. Soundman’s binaural microphones are well-known and have become a standard among musicians and journalists.

As binaural recordings of people eating (mukbang?), voice “massaging” and ASMR recordings have become so popular, I thought I should do a little research and post a quick review of Soundman OKM II Classic/Studio Solo. 

Even though binaural microphones are often used in many media productions, people have also started using them as a microphone for ASMR and mukbang videos.

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Electret microphones are a type of electrostatic capacitor-based microphone, which eliminates the need for a polarizing power supply by using a permanently charged material (Source: Wikipedia).

Soundman OKMII features omnidirectional (receiving the signal from all directions) electret microphones which can be used in spatial recordings in live, video and voice recording scenarios. Its plug can be operated with line inputs and these selected pair of microphones can be also used as earplugs while recording (artificial head stereophony).

Here is a binaural audio recording of snowy weather!

It’s been getting really good user reviews and has scored 4.6/5! If you wonder what Soundman users think about OKM II, please visit the user reviews page here!

Soundman OKM II Classic/Studio Solo comes with a beautiful wooden box! For this price?
Soundman OKM II Classic/Studio Solo comes with a beautiful wooden box! For this price?

There’s a really well-made video demo of Soundman OKAMI, please consider watching and listening to it! If you are into ASMR, you should definitely check out Soundman’s products as they have become very focused on this niche product category.

I would really think these kinds of ASMR setups would cost a lot until I met this brand actually. I see it’s been very popular and a trusted brand in this niche category of musical instruments and the pro audio industry.

If you want to have a look at Soundman products and consider buying one for your binaural audio projects, you should definitely check Thomann which ships worldwide anywhere!

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Hope this quick review and presentation of this excellent brand has been helpful for some of my visitors. Thanks for visiting my blog and supporting me so far! I will hopefully see you in the next review here!

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