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Takamine GD93CE Acoustic Guitar Review A Piece of Art!

    Hello there, I’m back again with another true and honest acoustic guitar review. This time, we will be looking at a Takamine GD93CE acoustic/electric dreadnought guitar.

    Takamine Guitar Company

    Takamine guitar company was founded in 1959 in Japan and has been active since then. Takamine is very well-known for its unique approach to guitar making, and I believe these are what really set them apart from its competitors.

    First of all, Takamine’s unique neck profile is formed just like an asymmetrical “C” letter and it’s smaller on the lower register which feels like a better fit to the natural form of your hand.

    This improved ease of playing and playability and once you get used to it, you don’t want to go back to a non-compound neck profile.

    In addition, their “Split Saddle” (not on this model) design is something you won’t see with other manufacturers. With this approach, the intonation of the guitar is much more developed than a standard design. As you can see in the photo, the contact point of each individual string is way more accurate.

    Enough said for Takamine’s unique approaches to guitar making, let’s hear the guitar in action.

    Takamine GD93CE Review & Sound Demo (no talking)

    You can order it from the best musical instruments store on this planet, Thomann regardless of your location they literally ship anywhere in the world!

    We all played a part in a different song in this video and it was recorded with a Rode VideoMic Pro and directly to an audio interface at the same time. During the video, we switched these different parts on and off so you can hear both recording characteristics separately.

    Takamine GD93CE Tech Specs

    TopSolid Spruce
    Back and Sides3-Piece Black Walnut and Maple
    FingerboardLaurel* or Rosewood
    Nut Width42.8mm
    ElectronicsTakamine TK-4OD Preamp with Built-In Tuner
    FinishNatural Gloss
    StringsD’Addario® XTAPB1253 Light (Successor of EXP16) 

    The first thing you will notice when you play a Takamine GD93CE (and I must say, this is very true with most of their instruments) is that the top build quality. Even though they are made in China, you’ll be surprised by the quality and attention to detail. It has a very distinguishable, refined and contemporary look with a solid top and quite pretty looking back.

    According to their official website, it is stated that it comes with a “Laurel” neck and a “Rosewood” fingerboard in the tech specs. However, they also stated contradictory information in the description section that it comes with a mahogany neck and bound laurel fingerboard.

    As I mentioned before, here you will find me spotting these kinds of small details, that’s why you should always come here and have a look 🙂

    I believe it’s a post-CITES thing again, with the increasing prices of rosewood manufacturers have started to find different woods to replace rosewood. The ones I have played so far had rosewood board. I think you might have either one of them depending on the stock you are buying from.

    Takamine GD93CE has also a great sounding and functional preamp and tuner on it and the one thing I really like about the tuner is its position on the body.

    Most manufacturers place their preamps way too underneath your chin so you often have to look down to see what’s happening with the settings and tuners. But with Takamine’s positioning of the preamps/tuners, it’s way easier to see.

    Another point for factory strings! It comes with a D’Addario® XTAPB1253 Light (Successor of EXP16) set which means you won’t have to worry about your strings getting rusty for a long time!

    As for the quality, I don’t remember having a faulty instrument from Takamine, they were always in great condition out of the box. And most of the time, we did not even need to adjust anything.

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    Overall, for the price range, it’s a piece of art and I bet you won’t believe it’s made in China!

    Here’s another short but sweet video of Takamine GD93CE (Natural satin version) played and recorded by MyDukkan below.

    Takamine GD93CE NS Review & Sound Demo (no talking)

    If I aim to spend around €600 – 700, I wouldn’t consider any other brand or model for my acoustic guitar choice and I’m quite serious!

    By the way, I have recently published “25 Best Selling Acoustic Guitars For Beginners and Intermediate Players” which also includes Takamine GD93CE as well. Do not forget to check this out before you buy your guitar.

    I would also like to mention another excellent instrument by Takamine which is the GN51CE model featuring an ergonomic jumbo body design. If you are into jumbo acoustic guitars but stepping back from them as they are not easy to handle, please check my review!

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    Hope this has provided helpful insight for you! Thanks for visiting my blog and supporting me so far! I will hopefully see you in the next review here!

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