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Why Should You Trust My Reviews?

    Hey there and welcome to my website! This is Osman here, a.k.a. the headless guitar player you bump into when you search for a guitar review on the internet! 🙂

    In this article, I’d like to tell you solid reasons why you should trust my music gear, musical instruments, music equipment, guitars, and pro audio gear reviews.

    MyDukkan Guitar Review Player

    Remember the headless guitar player that pops up every time you searched for a guitar? That was me!

    As you are already familiar with music gear and guitar reviews online, there are tons of them but it’s not always easy to find the real ones. Why? Because they are mostly put out by people who have hardly spent time with the instruments and pieces of equipment. And I’m definitely not talking about customer reviews.

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    Customer reviews are great, but most of the time and especially for the beginner, entry-level to mid-level guitars they are written by people who have just bought their first or second guitars.

    Does this make customer reviews not legit? Of course not! In any business model, customers are the heart of everything, without them, no one can survive in this challenging musical instruments industry.

    But what about the reviews which are written by people who have spent countless hours on the instruments not only by playing a few minutes with each but unboxing them, playing and recording with them and testing them? Would you prefer these against customer reviews? See below 🙂

    I have been playing the guitar since 1999 but until 2014 I had only played a few electric, acoustic, bass and nylon-stringed guitars. This was quite normal for a bedroom guitar player but I always felt like I could only judge most guitars that I bumped into online by their appearance, their specs and how affordable for me at that time. Because it was impossible to try all of them in a local store.

    But the reality is way different than real life. When you have spent countless hours with instruments, you will find out that some instruments that look perfect do not function as they are supposed to.

    After I did my master’s in marketing in London and have chosen a case study of Chapman Guitars, UK, I knew I was going in the musical instruments industry direction for the upcoming years.

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    In 2014, I came back to my country and started working for the best and the first musical instruments online store in Turkey, MyDukkan!

    There we had over 20,000 musical instruments listed online and over 100,000 customers.

    It had already been doing great but we kept receiving the same questions over and over again.

    “Can you play Metallica with this guitar?”, “Does it stay in tune if you use the whammy bar?”, “Should I go for HSS or SSS pickups configurations?”, “Tuners really work?”, “Is it noisy on an overdrive channel?”

    I remember having sold 20 to 25 guitars each day and we would open up each one and test it cosmetically first then do a functional guitar test where we would check everything from string action, neck adjustment, and electronics check up both on clean and driven sounds and the box content check…etc

    While our guitar tests procedure kept going on, we decided to record guitar review videos where there was no talk but just playing as many samples as possible with the same amp settings and the same recording setup.

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    Music Plugin Deals at Why Should You Trust My Reviews? Seymour Duncan Join The Best Musicians!Why Should You Trust My Reviews?

    This approach has been praised by many but also criticised by some people too. Well, I’m not the best player out there for sure and recording these videos in a row, sometimes 4 guitars per day are quite challenging and I would most of the time play the song samples very quickly.

    But people would get bored with our reviews because I would play the same things most of the time and the amp settings have been always flat. We aimed to follow this approach because this way one can compare the sounds that those guitars produce in the same conditions and then decide which sounds best to THEIR ears!

    Want to see how many people we have attracted to our shop with our reviews? Here’s a screenshot below…

    MyDukkan Guitar Reviews Success!

    Millions of steady views!

    In my opinion, this has been a great success and always happy and proud of it. During my service, I had already recorded over 200 electric guitar review videos in the same format as well as acoustic guitars, and audio equipment. Unfortunately, just some of them could be published due to the heavy workload of video editing.

    I was also quite obsessive about replying to everyone no matter what. So during those 2 and a half years of comments, it was always me who, possibly replied to you! 🙂

    When I was managing the whole YouTube account, I realised that most of the comments we’d receive came from many other countries and that we were not able to ship any guitars as the company could only operate within Turkey.

    This is the reason I have started recording all my experience in written format so any person from any country can have a look at the real results of the guitar reviews and tests we had done so far.

    Well, this has been one of the most legit reasons why you should trust my reviews. But I have more reason for you to trust my word!

    After I left MyDukkan, I started working for Cangöz Müzik, which is a 60 years old musical instruments company in Turkey. There I was responsible for import operations, localisation of musical instruments products, creating OEM products and many more.

    Some of the brands I worked with are GEWA, QS Music (Musik Meyer GmbH), Pirastro GmbH, Thomastik Infeld, Laney, ESP LTD Guitars, Nux FX, D’Addario Woodwinds, Vandoren, Kurzweil, Ritter Gigbags, Conn-Selmer, Ludwig, Bach, Remo, GruvGear, Jody Jazz, GEWA, Ringway, Dörfler, Altamira Guitars, Admira Guitars, Rigotti Ets., Hannabach, Washburn as well as dozens of Chinese vendors.

    This means that there are not only dozens of guitar reviews coming up but also many more musical instruments and accessories reviews are being prepared too!

    I will never recommend musical instruments, accessories, audio equipment and related products that I would never buy for my own use. It’s been almost 20 years since I’m obsessed with music and spent most of my time and money on this.

    So I would like to reflect this experience to my visitors, helping you with your choices of instruments, introducing excellent companies in the business and hopefully will be able to create a trustworthy source of information for anyone interested in music!

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    Hopefully, this website will be one of your best options to visit and get valuable and honest reviews of musical instruments, music gear and pro audio equipment! 🙂

    If you have read this far, you are awesome! Thanks for visiting my blog and supporting me so far! I will hopefully see you in the upcoming reviews and unique content here!

    Osman Cenan Çiğil –

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