AMT P2 Pedal Preamp Review Demo Clean Distortion Channels

If you don’t know about AMT company yet, they are a Russian guitar pedal company and they built great sounding pedals.

Please have a look at AMT’s range of pedals & preamps and read customer reviews on Thomann!

Here’s a very laid back test drive of AMT P2!

You have two analogue amp simulations. When the switch is off, you have Fender-like clean tones. When engaged you have whichever AMT series you have picked up. In this case, you have Peavey 5150 kind of tones!

Even with a pair of cheap computer speakers, you can have loads of gain and low-end. Whenever I have used an AMT pedal, I always liked it and totally recommend the brand for anyone interested.

I used my Ibanez AR300RE loaded with Seymour Duncan 35th Anniversary JB/Jazz humbuckers, Klotz Titanium guitar cables and my RME Babyface interface with my AMP P2 pedal!

For more information, please go to the AMT Electronics official website. They have a lot more to offer!


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