Covered vs Uncovered Humbucker Pickups Sound Demo Review

Hello there, I have been planning to install pickup covers on my Seymour Duncan 35th Anniversary JB / Jazz set as my Ibanez AR300RE comes with a covered pair of pickups. It is supposed to be a taste thing rather than a strict fact when it comes to covering or uncovering pickups.

So I’m not going to judge anything here, instead one can easily claim that I’m quite biased in this post. I have recently started liking covered humbucker look 🙂

After I upgraded my pickups to Seymour Duncan JB & Jazz 35th Anniversary Set set, I tried to remove the covers from default pickups and install them on my new pickups, but they didn’t fit.

In addition, it was almost impossible to find an exact cover for your pickups in my country. I sent a couple of e-mails to Seymour Duncan and SD dealers in Turkey, but so far no reply!

***If you’d like to purchase covers for your pickups, you can visit Thomann and order your covers, ships anywhere!***

Finally, I found someone selling a pair of pickup covers for Seymour Duncan branded pickups. I can’t say I don’t like zebra pickups but nowadays covered look of humbuckers appeals to me a lot more than a naked one.

I was actually going to prepare a post regarding installing covers on humbucker pickups but after I went through Youtube videos, I thought they’d already done much better tutorial videos than I could achieve. Here are some great examples;

Test Results

Can you hear the difference? If not, you’re probably deaf 🙂 The guitar was plugged directly into RME Babyface interface along with LePou Lextac VST plugin!

Do you prefer covered or uncovered humbucker sound? Let me know in the comment section!

Also, if you have any questions about how to install the cover, I’ll be gladly answering them questions. Thanks for reading and watching!


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