Thomann Rack Case 2U Review

Hello there, back again with another article for you! This time, we will be looking at one of the most affordable rack cases on the market, Thomann rack case 2U!

As most of you already know, Thomann is one of the biggest and in my opinion, the best musical instruments company in the world!

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Just like many big companies do, Thomann has also released many of their own exclusive brands as well as manufacturing products, covering a big portion of musical instruments and accessories product categories.

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As a music store, this is a very smart strategy. We would also prefer this approach along with representing musical instrument brands. While I was working in the musical instruments industry in Istanbul, I had the chance to experience and learn this.

There we would not only represent many world-famous brands, act as a distributor & reseller but also find manufacturers during music exhibitions abroad. Then we would get them to manufacture some products under our brand.

Among many brands created by Thomann, they also feature a brand called Thomann and release musical instruments and accessories covering such as String Instruments, Folk Instruments, Orchestral Percussion, Stage Pianos, Digital Pianos, Piano Accessories, Saxophones, Wind Instrument Accessories, Classical Guitars, Gui­tar/Bass Accessories, Percussion and PA Speakers categories.

Thomann Rack Case 2U with ENGL E570
Thomann Rack Case 2U with ENGL E570

Thomann brand is aimed at people who are on a tight budget and it offers a huge variety of products in the categories mentioned above.

I recently got myself an ENGL E570 preamp and was considering getting a rack case for it. Usually, people buy rack cases in order to carry their rack gear around.

But my initial need for a rack case is to secure my preamp, push it around without having to worry about causing scratches and also be able to use that extra depth on the rack case for random items. 🙂

For these simple reasons to buy, I started researching and noticed Thomann’s rack cases.

Thomann Rack Case 2U with ENGL E570, a lot of space to use on the case!
Thomann Rack Case 2U with ENGL E570, has a lot of space to use on the case!

Thomann rack cases really stood out with their affordable prices and their weight! Yes, weight! 🙂

As I have mentioned, rack cases are usually used for carrying rack gear around and travelling with them. So naturally, you would expect them to be pretty durable and solid which will result in extra heavy gear to carry around.

Since my intent wasn’t to travel with my rack gear, I also paid attention to the weights of different rack cases while I was researching.

Fortunately, Thomann’s rack cases are pretty lightweight comparing other cases by different manufacturers.

Before I provide you with my opinion and review, here’s a quick tech specs table of Thomann Rack Case 2U below.

Thomann Rack Case 2U Tech Specs

Format19" / 2U
MaterialShock-proof hard plastic
Installation Depth41.5cm
Inner Lid Depth5cm
Number of handles2
Butterfly latches2 on each lid
External Dimensions (W x H x D)56.5 x 16.5 x 57.5cm
Internal dimensions (W x H x D)45.4 x 9.1 x 51.5cm
ScrewsIncluded (8 pieces w/ washers)

As you can see from the images above, it just fits into my use case! I can now use the whole space my ENGL E570 would invade and more for my pedals and various items.

It comes with 2 lids with butterfly latches and these can be successfully mounted even with a rack gear like ENGL E570 that features metal parts on both sides to protect knobs.

Thomann Rack Case 2U two lids with butterfly latches
Thomann Rack Case 2U two lids with butterfly latches

One lid features a zip-locked bag for extra accessories such as instruments or power cables. You will also have eight screws with washers (usually you would have to buy suitable screws for rack cases, these are normally not included).

One thing that you should be careful about is the inner dimensions when choosing the right rack case for your gear. There are usually two types of 19″ rack cases shallow and standard. Shallow ones have a shorter installation depth as designed by the manufacturers.

So if you want your rack gear’s rear panels completely inside of your rack case, you should definitely measure the depth and decide which one you would like to have.

In my case, I have preferred this case as it allows me to even throw a couple of pedals or power supplies and fix them in the rear panel with some velcros. Very cool!

Thomann Rack Case 2U Review

Is it worth buying Thomann rack cases?

Just right after I got my rack case from Thomann for 58€, there was already another batch arriving but they have increased the price tag to 64€. I believe this is due to manufacturing and shipping costs increasing due to the difficult times we have been experiencing. FYI, Thomann’s rack cases are all made in China.

In my opinion, this price tag is pretty good for this kind of rack case. But beware that this is not the strongest, most durable and roadworthy rack case around. The plastic material is pretty thin and it can easily bend when you apply pressure.

You can definitely carry your rack gear around with Thomann rack cases. But I wouldn’t ever let my rack gear under any heavy load while in this rack case. It can still hold a lot of pressure but it feels like it’s not the most durable. So basically, it’s durable enough for a rack case but it’s not a flight case at all!

When you consider the price tag and the weight, I think it’s unbeatable! Fortunately, Thomann has been manufacturing these affordable rack cases for the masses!

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If you have a look at other options by other brands, you will find out that rack cases are not so budget-friendly products and they can damage your wallet really badly, especially if you are after bigger rack cases.

If you still need custom made rack cases or flight cases, Thomann also offers a very unique option and allow you to custom order your rack cases here, all made in Germany!

Overall, I would rate this 4.5/5 and recommend this to anyone who seeks affordable yet lightweight rack cases for their precious rack gear!

I hope you have enjoyed this brief article and found this helpful. Thanks for visiting my blog and reading so far! I will hopefully see you in the next content! 🙂

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