Cort M-Custom Electric Guitar Review w/ Piezo Pickups

Do you know what a Piezo pickup is? I’d like to explain this in a different way. If you are ever shocked by an electric guitar player on stage who switches to acoustic guitar sounds without changing his guitar and you are blown away by the sound quality, it is probably an onboard piezo pickup that they control with a selector switch.

I remember having watched John Petrucci during Dream Theater‘s tour, probably when they were touring for Scenes From a Memory album. And the song was probably The Spirit Carries On. I was just speechless about how he was able to switch to an acoustic guitar sound without changing a guitar.

Enough of the introduction, today I’ll be posting my review about a piezo equipped guitar, Cort M-Custom electric guitar! As many of you know, Cort is a Korean guitar manufacturer and they have one of the biggest factories in the world that once I heard that it’s very possible to bump into a guitar made in their factories everywhere under different brand names.

Most of their stuff has been considered as beginner/entry-level guitars, but this one we’re looking at is a quite serious instrument for even professional players.

Let’s the guitar in action first. It’s a pretty long video because I wanted to show every single humbucker and piezo combinations, direct, blended with the microphone signal, split ones…etc So you may be bored easily with the details, but here it is;

OK, if you are still here let’s have a look at the tech specs, then I’ll talk about the guitar and its availability.

Tech Specs of Cort M-Custom

ConstructionSet Neck
TopCarved Quilted Maple Top
BodySemi-Hollow Mahogany
FretboardRosewood - 350mm Radius
PickupsSeymour Duncan JB (Bridge), Seymour Duncan '59 (Neck)
BridgeFishman Power Bridge & Tonepros Licences Tune-O-Matic
Frets22 Frets (Large)
Electronics1 Vol + 1 Tone 3-way Toggle Switch | 1 Piezo Volume + Tone and 1 Mini Toggle

I remember when this was bought by a customer I was really happy because you’d rarely have a chance to see these type of guitars. The first one that arrived in our store was perfect, but I detected a crack when I looked into the F-holes.

If you ever bump into this guitar, please check. The crack seemed to be a naturally occurred crack along with the backside of the guitar’s body.

Fortunately, we asked for a new one and did the tests again. This one is the guitar you have watched above.

First of all, this guitar is a semi-hollow body guitar which enables it to produce really nice acoustic sounds. This naturally translates into a high natural acoustic sound which might give you some feedback if you turn your amp up loud.

For the electric part, I really loved Duncan pickups on it as the JB model is my favourite pickup ever on the bridge. You’ll be able to get loads of gain out of this pickup. Plus it is still very powerful when split so you’ll have great single-coil sounds on a single instrument like this.

When combined with Fishman Power Bridge piezo system, I think you’ll have so many options to choose from. If you are ever planning to play on stage, you can easily double your guitar signal with an A/B Box and have your piezo sound on a let’s say PA system and your normal guitar signal on a guitar amp. By using your volume, tone pots and switches, you can have loads of option at your disposal and you’ll be able to surprise your audience!

If I were to buy an electric guitar with a built-in piezo pickup, I would definitely consider Cort M-Custom. It’s not an entry-level guitar nor it is a low-quality instrument despite the fact that Cort brand is considered to be an entry-level guitar maker. I don’t think Cort is a bad brand, they make great instruments, but you have to choose wisely and always have it checked if you buy online.

Let’s talk about the availability of this guitar. Yes, the bad news is that M-Custom is no longer manufactured! :/

That means you can only find it second hand or if you are lucky, by doing research on the internet and grab the last one in a music store depot, maybe…

However, you can always go for a Fishman Power Bridge piezo system and install it on your hard-tail, tune-o-matic style guitars or you can have a look at other electric guitars with a piezo pickup.

Thanks for reading and I hope it’s been helpful. See you in the next review!


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