Cort AD810 Acoustic Guitar Review Excellent Value/Money Instrument

Back again with another real and honest guitar review! This time I’ll be providing some information about Cort AD810 acoustic guitar. This model is probably the best selling acoustic guitar in Turkey.

What you get for the price is unbelievable! By the way, you might have bumped into the Cort AD810 OP version, “OP” means “Open Pore” and think of this as a guitar without a thick finish! Personally, I really like the sound better than the varnished ones.

I remember we would sell dozens of AD810s in a month only. According to constant tests applied to each guitar, this model is a beast for the price you pay. Most of them are ready to play out of the box, without adjustment. It is true because I am able to remember the faults that we encountered during the tests. Only a couple of AD810s were faulty due to the fretboard and the neck had been working against each other so they cracked the finish over the position markers.

Please first watch a comparison video which we made with a Cort AD810 and Ibanez V50NJP. I am actually the one who plays the lead in the video 🙂 What you hear is recorded with Rode VideoMic Stereo Pro.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Most people have commented on this video as they liked the Cort model better in lead playing (or let’s say single line playing) and liked the Ibanez model in rhythm playing.

As you can see in the video, my colleague and I had the chance to play with both in the same musical scenario. I must say I felt much more comfortable with AD810. Ibanez VC50 felt like a more rough guitar than the Cort model. In the end, it all comes up to one’s preferences.

However, if you want to get started playing the thing without spending too much money, just go for it!

Below you will have another video of this guitar played by Selçuk Uzunhasanoğlu in MyDukkan studios.

Watch this video on YouTube.

This is probably one of the oldest acoustic guitar models of the Cort brand. As Cort also supports my idea with their introduction on their official website, it’s aimed to be the best starting model and the best value for money instrument. If you are considering learning to play the acoustic guitar, you can not go wrong with this one!

It comes with a spruce top which has been a very popular top wood for acoustic guitars recently. It has both balance and strength plus produces quite versatile guitar tones that can be used in many genres without hesitation.

Cort AD810 Acoustic Guitar Best Seller!

A classic dreadnought body design!

As you can see, one of the best tonewood, mahogany used in back and sides on this guitar which results in bright but also strong and warm midrange tones. This wood is an industry-standard for back and sides for decades!

Cort AD810 Acoustic Guitar Best Seller!

This is what OP (Open Pore) finish looks like!

“What type of factory strings do these come with?” is one of the most asked questions in any discussion about the guitars. Cort AD810 comes with coated D’addario EXP 80/20 bronze light set and ready to rock out of the box!

Cort AD810 Acoustic Guitar Best Seller!

Always comes in perfect condition!

As can be seen in the image, the bridge has an exclusive scoop that enhances sustain with an improved string angle from the saddle to the body. This also reduces overall tension thus less finger fatigue and improved playability for acoustic players.

Cort AD810 Acoustic Guitar Best Seller!

Excellent craftsmanship level for the money you pay!

And finally, Cort AD810 has a quite unique neck joint called a “Dovetail” joint. This enables all the vibrations and resonance transfer through the body without a degradation in the guitar’s tone.

Cort AD810 Acoustic Guitar Best Seller!

This is how the neck and body are joint together!

Tech Specs of Cort AD810

ConstructionDovetail Neck Joint
BodyDreadnought Body
TopSpruce Top
Back & SidesMahogany Back & Sides
NeckMahogany Neck
FretboardRosewood or Merbau*
Frets20 Frets
InlayDot Inlay
BridgeRosewood or Merbau
StringsD'addario EJ10
BracingAdvanced X-Bracing

By the way, I have recently published the “25 Best Selling Acoustic Guitars For Beginners and Intermediate Players” review which also includes Cort AD810 OP as well. I highly suggest you check out my review before you decide 🙂

I guarantee you will be quite satisfied with this guitar as the numbers do not tell lies 🙂 Hope it’s been helpful and honest enough for you to choose your very first acoustic guitar! Please don’t be a stranger and post your comments below, I’m always up for helping and assisting with your questions!

Thanks for your time!



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