Guitar Strings Comparison for Fretless Electric Guitar

When it comes to fretless electric guitars, most people like to prefer flat wound strings rather than round wound strings. But in the end, it all comes to one’s personal preferences.

I was lucky and managed to obtain La Bella Jazz Tapes 800-R Black Nylon Wound and Thomastik Infeld Jazz Swing JS111 Flat Wound strings as well as my favourite Elixir 12102 Nanoweb Coated (already on my guitar).

Sound-wise I reckon, you won’t hear that much difference.

Before you watch the video and see for yourself, here are some words;

But from the player’s perspective, I must say La Bella Jazz Tapes was clearly my least favourite one as the nylon wound strings did not feel as much OK as the plain strings of the same set. It was much more difficult to achieve slides. Thomastik Infeld one was the best I guess!

It was way more balanced and focused than the other two. But I would still go for Elixir if I didn’t have another choice!

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for your time!


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