The 5 Best Trumpets Review For Beginners and A Lefty Bonus!

Hello there again! I have recently come across with one of the best trumpet reviews by Thomann and wanted to share it with you! You might say; “This website is all about guitars and related pieces of equipment! Why would you be publishing a trumpet review?

I must confess that trumpets and wind instruments are probably my favourite instruments!  I always love brass instruments as well as clarinets and saxophones. But was never brave enough to start one, instead, I would transcribe wind instruments lines on the guitar! See Balerin sax solo, Dolly sax lines, Que Dolor trumpet solo, Kedi Rüyası sax solo.

A few years ago, I got myself a Yamaha 4335 GS II model Bb trumpet and wasn’t able to progress that much, but I was able to play some very simple melodies and that’s it!

Trumpets are definitely not like a guitar, way more physical and require you not only to improve your skills but also maintain your state by working out with your instrument every day.

Otherwise, you suddenly feel that your performance gets worse if you have a break and pick it up again a week later. Unfortunately, it had to go as well as my other instruments for my relocation phase. But I definitely want to start again!

So that’s why I have decided to introduce you a great start point if you want to start playing the trumpet. I have recently been quite a nerd about trumpets and doing my research to know better about the options, then I came across a trumpet review video by Thomann!

Gary Wilder is a great musician and has done an excellent demo of 5 different trumpets starting from Jupiter JTR700RQ, Yamaha YTR-3335, Bach TR-501 Student, Thomann TR-5000 GL and Thomann TR-200.

Best Selling 5 Trumpets for Beginners or Intermediate Players

While you are enjoying the video, I will be also adding his comments on each instrument as well as a comparison chart for all 5 + 1 Bonus trumpets. Keep reading and you will find out about your bonus trumpet option! 🙂

Jupiter JTR700RQ Bb Trumpet

Jupiter is made by a company KHS Musical Instruments in Taiwan. Believe me, it’s a really strong brand in the brass market. The level of quality has been always top-notch! How do I know? Because I used to import Jupiter instruments for the company I was working for! So I know their products and how they work! 🙂 We were actually in contact with QS-MUSIC (Division of MUSIK MEYER GmbH) because they manage Jupiter brand in the European region. I was also in touch with KHS Musical Instruments which is a really good company, very trustful!

In the review video, he starts with Jupiter JTR700RQ Bb Trumpet. The price for this instrument is in the range of intermediate trumpets. It’s the successor model of the JTR606RLQ and comes with a medium-large bore as well as other trumpets in the video.

It’s mentioned in the video (starts at 0:17) that the instrument is very well built, valves and slides work fine, notes slut quite well.

Yamaha YTR-3335 Bb Trumpet

The second trumpet he is reviewing is a Yamaha YTR-3335 Bb Trumpet. As many of you may know, Yamaha is a giant corporation which is quite dominant in every instrument classes. Still in the same price range and most of the times referred to as an intermediate instrument. YTR-3335 is a little bit cheaper than my Yamaha 4335 GS II model Bb Trumpet, however, you will be hearing a quite convincing comment in the video about YTR-3335!

The overall tone of YTR-3335 is a little bit brighter than Jupiter JTR700RQ Bb Trumpet. It’s in between a YTR-2330 and YTR-4335 and Gary also adds YTR-3335 deserves more attention! An interesting comment for me 🙂 He also talks about how the bracings are placed and how it alters the sounds. Would you ever think these small details create differences and attributes of these instruments? 🙂

Bach TR-501 Student Bb Trumpet

The next trumpet reviewed in the video is a Bach TR-501 Student model Bb trumpet. Vincent Bach Corporation was founded in 1918 in Elkhart, Indiana. Trumpet players know Bach by their Stradivarius trumpets! TR-501 is, again a medium-large bore trumpet aimed at intermediating trumpet students and priced pretty reasonably.

It has almost a square-like main tuning slide and two main braces which provide stability. Gary also mentions Yamaha YTR-2335 has a slightly better intonation. Just a fine bit of information for you!

Top 5 | Trumpets | For Beginners | Thomann

Thomann TR-5000 GL Bb Trumpet

Number #4 is another Bb trumpet, but this time by Thomann itself! I once found a forum thread but not I am not able to find it again! Thomann has also been creating its own branded set of instruments under Thomann brand or other new brands they own. And I believe I read it on that forum that Thomann brass are made in a facility where Carol Brass is also manufactured. Correct me if I’m wrong, please!

It has a rose brass bell (looks a bit darker on the bell side) and this horn has been the one surprises Gary in the video! He clearly mentions that this horn does not belong to this price range but a higher one!

Thomann’s TR-5000 series comes with a lot of different finish options such as Black Nickel plated, Dark Vintage finish, Matte finish, and

THE BONUS OPTION – A Left-Handed Trumpet?

Yes, it’s very rare to find, in fact, you can search for a left-hand trumpet and you will only find this!!!

If you are looking for a left-handed trumpet, you can get yourself a Thomann TR-5000 GLLH Bb- Trumpet Lefth. This is the exact same TR-5000 Gold Lacquered model but left-handed! I think Thomann has done a great job having found this laser-sharp niche in brass world!

99.9% of the time, you won’t be able to see any mass-produced left-handed trumpets around very often. And yes, since it’s almost impossible to find one, I’m sure there are thousands of lefties playing with a standard trumpet.

*But just an idea, if you have spent 20 years on a guitar, bass, violin on a right-handed instrument and you have build up a great level of dexterity on your left-hand, would you be able to get a left-hand trumpet? It means just less work, right? So that’s why I have called this as a quite sharp niche in product marketing!

Thomann TR-200 Bb Trumpet

The last trumpet he reviews is another Thomann trumpet, but this time a very entry-level horn, Thomann TR-200 Bb trumpet. This is the cheapest model among 5 models reviewed in the video and it’s the number #1 best selling Bb trumpet on Thomann store!

There are dozens of good reviews on this horn, you can check them out on the product page. Gary mentions that naturally, this horn is not an equivalent of any horns here but again it doesn’t belong to its price range!

Really well-built and probably the best and the cheapest option if you are not yet so serious about trumpets, don’t want to invest too much money and want to give it a go!

Comparison Chart For 6 Trumpets

Here’s a comparison chart of 5 + 1 Bb trumpets mentioned in this review article and the video by Thomann! As you can see TR-5000 GL really sits right down in the gap and another big plus for having provided a left-hand version!

For wind instruments, it wouldn’t make so much sense to just judge trumpets by their sound on a video. You will notice there are not huge differences in terms of tone quality, colour and character. But we could say they sound slightly different from each other.

Also, please note that Gary Wilder is an excellent player so he can sound just as good as on any other trumpet because he knows how to adjust himself to fine-control the instrument.

*Visitors on mobile devices; Did you know that you are able to scroll the comparison charts horizontally? Try yourself with the below chart!

ModelThomann TR 200 Bb-TrumpetBach TR-501 Student Yamaha YTR-3335Thomann TR-5000 GL Bb- TrumpetThomann TR-5000 GLLH Bb- Trumpet Left HandJupiter JTR700RQ Bb- Trumpet
Bore SizeMedium LargeMedium LargeMedium LargeMedium LargeMedium LargeMedium Large
Bell MaterialBrassBrassBrassGold BrassGold BrassGold Brass
Valve MaterialStainless SteelStainless SteelMonelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Leadpipe MaterialGold BrassGold BrassGold BrassGold BrassGold BrassGold Brass
FinishClear LacqueredClear LacqueredGold LacqueredClear LacqueredClear LacqueredClear Lacquered
Incl. MouthpieceYesYesYesYesYesYes
Incl. Case / GigbagYesYesYesYesYesYes
Shipping Weight3.50 kg4.10 kg6.24 kg5.40 kg1.71 kg4.80 kg
Sales Rank in Trumpet Category16038311770

Must-have Trumpet Books

If you are a beginner or an intermediate level trumpet player, you should definitely consider buying method books for trumpet with your first purchase.

Here is a quick snap of the category winner trumpet books. Arban and Clarke studies are highly recommended to any brass player!

What kind of trumpet mute is the best for practising the trumpet at home?

It’s one of the most annoying things about playing brass instruments. Especially trumpets can really project, thus it’s inevitable that your neighbours will complain about the noise. Unless you have a separate house, a warehouse or a rehearsal studio, you need to get yourself a trumpet mute.

When I first attempted to play the trumpet in an apartment, I suddenly noticed it was way too loud to handle. Even at with quite dynamics, it would project and fill up the room.

So having guessed the situation in advance, I also ordered a practice mute by Wallace TWC-M17 Trpt Practice Studio mute by getting inspired from the video below, featuring one of the best trumpeters of our era Adam Rapa 🙂

Even though, it’s always a much nicer sensation to make your trumpet fill up the room and hear the acoustic character of it, playing and practising with Wallace mute was never boring. It was so comfortable to play, you can even change the resistance of the mute with the included resistor. The video explains it all in the best possible way! Don’t forget to watch and also consider buying your mute along with your first purchase.


I hope it’s been a helpful guide for you to choose your trumpet and get started blowing your own! Even though I hate the fact that trumpets are so physical and you need to approach it as you do with your workouts, I still like it! Sounds the best, very noble and unique among other instruments.

I highly recommend you check the products on their page and decide which one you are going to choose and let me know if possible! I will also be considering getting myself one soon 🙂

Thanks for reading and all the best,


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