Rechargeable Travel Amp by Fluid Audio Strum Buddy Review

Gear freaks are definitely aware of the rise of smaller amps that are being designed and manufactured by great companies. Up to a recent time, we have started calling these amps as portable amps and battery-powered amps.

But Fluid Audio has brought up a completely unique concept and now we can all have a rechargeable travel amp! 🙂

Fluid Audio has been founded by a former JBL employee, Kevin Zuccaro and they have plenty of studio reference monitors as well as an audio interface. But Strum Buddy has probably the most attention thanks to its unique design.


Look at the size of it! A Handful of Amp 😉

Fluid Audio Strum Buddy! So Small :)

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Unique Attributes


Attaches to your guitar body with its suction cup!

Around 3.5 hours of playing with a fully charged battery!

Distortion, Chorus and Reverb effects!

6W of power on 40 mm neodymium magnet loudspeaker!

Made of ABS plastic material!

Includes a charging cable, guitar jack


Fluid Audio Strum Buddy In Action!


Want to hear it in action? Check out the video below!



Looks like we have not only found a very unique travel amp but also a great gift for guitarists!

Buy now a Fluid Audio Strum Buddy at if you want to surprise your guitarist friends!



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