WingManFX (Option Knob) Control Guitar Pedals with Your Feet!

Hello there, back again with another cool piece of content for you! Recently, I have started a massive project for my website in a bid to help the musical instruments companies.

I have been analysing almost every brand in the industry and trying to put out content which will help my visitors to recognise them. This time we will be looking at WingManFX company and their cool, innovative gadget; Option Knob!

WingManFx company is a small guitar effect pedal manufacturer from the USA.

According to their official website, they are currently featuring an analogue phaser/tremolo pedal as well as Option Knobs for both controlling guitar effect pedals with your foot and guitar potentiometers smoothly with your fingers.

WingManFX‘s main product is this analogue tremolo/phaser named as Danger Zone!

It features a fully analogue circuit with in-depth parameter control functions. Since they are also the makers of Option Knobs, there’s already a really cool demo of the pedal featuring these innovative gadgets.

Option Knob is one of the smartest, yet affordable and easy-to-use solution for those who want to control their guitar effect pedals’ parameters with their foot.

How can I control my guitar effect pedal parameters with my foot?

Guitar players who prefer having different effect pedals at their disposal instead of using guitar processors will definitely like this innovation.

Having separate guitar effect pedals is every guitarists’ dream but this also causes a lot of frustration as your pedalboard gets bigger and more complex, controlling them in a live concert situation is not that easy.

Normally guitar players need to kneel down and adjust the parameters on the go. However, with Option Knobs, you can get as many as you need and have a broader control on the pedal parameters. This will also allow guitar players to manipulate some parameters, especially of time-based/modulation effects and help them to create dynamic sonic variations live!

How to install OKnob?

Once you are done with your guitar pedalboard setup, you just need to buy Option Knobs as many as you need and install them on your guitar effect pedals (non-destructive installation).

All you need to do is to remove the knob you want to install Option Knob on and add your OKnob onto the shaft of the pots. Here’s a cool tutorial video of Option Knob including instructions on how to install and use.

WingManFX OKnob

WingManFX OKnob, glowing in the dark!






WingManFX company names Option Knob as OKnob (which you need to buy for controlling your guitar effect pedals) and also features VKnob which is for your guitar volume potentiometer. This video that I have just shared features of both products in action.

Thomann features these items under Option Knob, Inc. with the Control Your Soul motto! 🙂 However, I have done some research on the internet and just found out WingMaxFX is the brand and company!





WingManFX VKnob

WingManFX VKnob, command your guitar pots. Easy volume swells 🙂 



As mentioned above, here you can also see the label on the box of VKnob. I strongly believe and think these two gadgets are the smartest things ever for guitar players while being dead simple and cheap.

Kudos to creators and designers of Option Knobs! 🙂

Unfortunately, Thomann doesn’t feature its Danger Zone pedal yet. But if you are interested, you can always contact them ask about availability.

I hope you have enjoyed this little piece of content and recognise these great people at WingManFX company! Thanks for your time and see you in the next content!


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