Cort M600 Electric Guitar Review – Budget PRS Killer

Back again, this time we’ll be inspecting a Cort M600 electric guitar which I like to call as a low budget PRS killer. Some of you might say you can not compare a PRS with a Cort, and I would agree.

However, with its price, top quality build and excellent tones, I think it’s unbeatable!

As many of you know, Cort is a Korean guitar manufacturer and they have one of the biggest factories in the world that once I heard that it’s very possible to bump into a guitar made in their factories everywhere under different brand names. Most of their stuff has been considered as beginner/entry-level guitars. Cort M600 is also considered as a beginner level guitar but I highly doubt that. It’s a serious instrument out of the box!

My first encounter with this model was back in 2005 or something during a rehearsal in a local studio. It was a Korean made version and I only remember how easy it was to play the guitar and how solid the tones it was producing.

I suddenly fell in love with Cort M600 series guitars. From that day, I believe I have played several of them in different colours.

After I started working in the MI industry, it was the first guitar that we had attempted to record a short video. A bit nostalgic, here you are with the short one first;

It comes in two colour options as Blue Burst and Black Cherry. I remember they had a few more options, but at the moment I can only see two. It also comes with great quality parts such as Duncan Designed humbucker pickups, Tonepros Tune-O-Matic bridge and Graphtech NuBone nut.

Normally, when you buy an entry-level guitar, you would like to upgrade the fundamental parts of the guitar as they all affect the overall tone and playability. However, with Cort M600 model electric guitars, you can see that it’s already upgraded 🙂

Let’s have a look at the full tech specs below;

Tech Specs of Cort M600

CutawayDouble Cutaway
BodyMahogany Body w/ Flamed Maple Top
NeckMahogany Neck
BindingIvory Binding
FretboardRosewood Fingerboard
Frets22 Frets
InlayRectangular White Pearl
TunersDiecasting Tuners
BridgeTonepros. Bridge & Stop Tailpiece
PickupsDuncan Designed Chrome Covered HB102 Pickups (H-H)
HardwareCR(Chrome) Hardware
NutGraph-Tech Nubone Nut

Let’s hear the guitar in full action below first, then we’ll talk about the results.

This is obviously my personal choice but if I were looking for a budget, double cut, 22 frets, fixed bridge and humbucker pickup combination guitar, this would be my first choice to go for. For the price and already upgraded vibe, I think this is segmented as a mid-level guitar, at least! Even without changing the pickups, it is able to produce quite a bit of gain and great, warm-sounding clean tones.

With its master coil-split, you’ll be able to get split sounds. The only downfall is that you can not split these humbuckers individually. But it’s a very easy problem to solve, you just need another push/pull pot for the master volume, and re-wire it.

I would definitely recommend Cort M600 electric guitar for beginner, intermediate and even professional players as it’s built like a tank and you’ll know what I mean if you ever have a chance to play one!

I hope it’s been a helpful review for you. If you are interested in other Cort reviews that I have created, please click here, and see you in the next review!


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